Slap A Sticker On It

My decals arrived from Mexico.

I think slapping a sticker on the plain white plates, did the trick.  Even if these photos aren’t very good.  Go ahead and blame the impatient photographer for those horrible pictures.

I’m really digging the black and white thing lately.  It’s clean.

Unlike my floors.

Let me tell you, my floors are tragic.  I sweep several times a day and mop as needed, but you wouldn’t know it.  I think my messy roommate and her equally messy friends may have something to do with it.  There is a line of juice dribbles leaving a trail from the dining room to the stairs.  I think there are blobs of  cheese sauce next to the juice dribbles.  It’s an endless battle; one I’ll never claim victory over.  Either the kids have to stop eating, or Caroline has to move out.

Sometimes I lay in bed at night plotting evil  thinking about how I’m going to get Caroline back for her years of household destruction.  When she’s grown and in her own home, I’m going to come over and eat popcorn in her living room.  I’m going to leave uneaten kernels under her couch and in the couch’s cracks and crevices.  I’m going to dump milk down the sides of her couch and not do anything about it, including not telling her about it for days because ‘I forgot.’  I’m going to leave dirty cups in her bedroom and toothpaste clumps in her sink.  I’m going to eat crackers in her bed, so that when she gets in to it, she’ll be greeted with sharp cracker crumb stuck to her legs.  And then I’m going to laugh about it, because I think it’s funny. I’m going to turn on every light and electronic device and leave them running after I’ve left and then I’m going to smear my dirty hands all over her glass storm door and car windows.

Paybacks, baby.  Paybacks.

In other news, I’m going to pull Caroline from school early tomorrow so we can meet up with my mom in Washington, DC.  She’s a reporter for her local paper in Florida and has the privilege of accompanying some World War II veterans on an Honor Flight.  The Honor Flight network serves to fly World War II veterans up to DC for the day so that they can see the WWII memorial and some of the other monuments in the area.  It’s really an awesome organization and I’m happy she can be a part of it.  The Honor Flight is a one day thing, so their time is seriously limited, but it’ll be nice for Caroline and me to join them, even if it is for just an hour or so.

I hope to have some pictures to share.


8 responses

  1. I am excited to hear about your trip in tomorrow! We saw the WWII Memorial Sunday and was blown away, it was awesome! I know Caroline will enjoy getting out of school early! Have a great time!

  2. It really is a beautiful memorial. They will only be there for an hour and half because their itinerary is so jam packed. I’m looking forward to it. I’m glad you had fun sight seeing on Sunday. We’ll have to take the girls down there one weekend…after Oct 9th, when my races will be finished. We can walk around the tidal basin; it’s not as pretty when the cherry blossoms aren’t blooming, but it’s still pretty.

    • It seems like there is a 30-40% chance of rain, which means, it’ll probably rain because you don’t want it to. If you were, you know, hoping it would rain to avoid standing outside during your kid’s soccer practice (ahem) then it wouldn’t rain. Because life is crappy like that.

      But for the sake of everyone involved (and your hair) I hope it doesn’t rain.

      See you tomorrow!

  3. Stephen and I always say that little kids have jam hands. It sounds like bigger kids are jam people. I had to laugh at your plot to get her back when she’s all grown up. Hehehe! I like it!*

    • Yep, big kids have jam hands, too. It never fails; as soon as I clean the storm door, some kid comes by and sticks his/her face and hands all over it. Drives me nuts. We seem to be the ‘fun house’ so kids tend to congregate here, which is fine (usually), but they constantly leave their stuff here. Every once in a while, I put it all in a pile and tell them to take their crap or I’m throwing it away.

  4. Love the decals. I have a friend who put them on mugs for all of us at Christmas time. I use that mug daily 🙂 And my friends Grandfather is going on an Honor Flight also from Florida this week. Small world. My students wrote letters to him to read on the way there. Enjoy your visit with your Mom!

    • I’m happy with the decals. I think I may order some more for other things…I like the mug idea. I didn’t realize the whole wall decal thing was such a big business. I”m not sure I’d ever buy one of those huge wall decals, but the little ones are an easy way to spiff things up.

      I hope your friend’s grandfather has a great trip on the Honor Flight. It really is an awesome organization.


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