Race Photos

I’m not photogenic.  Not even a little bit.  Factor in no make up,  physical exertion and profuse sweating and I’ve got myself a recipe for picture disaster.  Race photos never turn out well for me.  Actually, because I’m a middle of the pack runner, I don’t get many photos because I’m usually grouped in with a lot of other runners.  Also, I’m too busy trying to not die to even think about hamming for the camera.

The photos from sunday’s race weren’t half bad so I purchased the digital downloads for $2.50.   I didn’t think that was unreasonable at all.

Please note my heel strike and do your best to not replicate it.  I’ve been doing my best to correct it, but at the end of a race, when I think there’s a pretty good chance I might hurl, mid-foot striking is the least of my worries.

Also, please note my rad No Meat Athlete shirt.  The back says ‘Runs on Plants.’    It should say ‘runs on plants and chocolate.’  And tortilla chips and salsa.  And candy corn.


More heel striking.  Shame, shame, shame.

In other news, Caroline and I had a fun time visiting with my mom at the World War II memorial this afternoon.  Our trip was short, but being able to witness the veterans taking in the beauty of the memorial was such a treat.  I took a lot of pictures, which I’ll share tomorrow.  But for now, I’ll post one or two. Or three.



We live in a beautiful country.


7 responses

    • I’m sure it’ll never happen again. I liked that I could purchase the digital download instead of actual pricey prints. The lady who organized this race also did the photography. She did a great job.

    • The shirt is comfy. I kind of wish they had tank tops, because I really don’t like sleeves, but it was kind of chilly on race morning, so it was okay. I wish they had more colors; white is kinda boring.
      I hope you like your shirt!

    • I agree…the vet pictures are great. My mom might use one of my pictures of the memorial in her story. I wonder if that means I get photo credit. Kinda cool. I’ll post some more pictures shortly.


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