Silly Saturday

Oh man, I’m so flipping mad right now.  I just spent a good chunk of time uploading these pictures and writing my usual witty, brilliant text and then I hit publish and the only thing that published was blank space.

Why you be so mean, WordPress?  Why?

I doubt anything I write will even come close to replicating the sheer brilliance of the words I wrote in the previous post, so please cut me some slack.  I can only be brilliant once a day.  And with the press of a faulty button, my brilliance was swept away for the day.


Anyway, last Tuesday when we visited the World War II memorial, I took a few goofy pictures of Caroline which I failed to post in Wednesday’s post because it seemed kind of wrong.  Since a few days have passed and I have nothing else of interest to blog about (well, I did, but it got erased.  Boo to Word Press) I figured I’d post goofy pictures of Caroline because embarrassing her is one of the perks of parenthood.  I keep a special folder of pictures to use for embarrassment purposes in the high school years.  Actually, I don’t keep a special folder, but now that I think about it, that’s a really great idea.

We attempted the “lift up the Washington Monument” pose, but her hand is crooked.

Her hand is straighter in this one; I had her make a ‘wow this is heavy’ exertion face, which explains her bitter beer face.

Okay, I re wrote everything and it didn’t publish.  Again.  I don’t get it?  Oddly enough, this text published just fine. It’s center formatted, which is the only difference. I hate that I lost all I wrote twice. I can’t re write it for a third time, so your life will just have to go on without knowing about our trip to Falls Church to pick up my race packet for tomorrow’s Navy 5 Miler and our lunch at Firehouse Subs.  I’m sure you’ll manage just fine. 😉

But me?  Well I’m about to say really mean things about Word Press.  REALLY mean.  I should say them offline as to not offend anyone.  Good thing Caroline isn’t here.



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