The Giant Incline of Death and Sadness

That title pretty much sums up my feelings on this morning’s Navy 5 Miler.

Let’s just say that it wasn’t my favorite race.  In fact, I disliked it so much that I probably won’t ever run it again.  Usually, during a race I vow at least once, but sometimes five or six times during a race to never run that race (and sometimes ANY race) ever again, but once I finish, I get over it and plan on signing up again as soon as possible.  I can’t say that after I finished the Navy 5 Miler I had a change of heart.

It sucked.

Plain and simple.

First, it was HUMID, HUMID, HUMID.  That, obviously wasn’t the race organizer’s fault, but it still added to the overall suckage factor.  Also, we had to walk a mile from the Metro station to the race start.  The wheelchair participants started their race, ten minutes prior to our 8 am start time, while I was in line to use the bathroom.  The real race started while I was IN the bathroom!  Thankfully, I was able to hop in and join the masses of people who were shuffling through the start.  The Navy 5 Miler is a pretty small race, so they do not corral runners by their expected run times.  I can understand why they don’t, but because they don’t, the start is one big cluster of people of varying racing speeds.  My first mile was painfully slow; we came to a virtual stand still at one point, as well.

Also, the roads were ridiculously narrow.  A Pentagon policeman in a big SUV came driving down the road in the opposite direction we were running and was cursing because it was supposed to be a two way street.  But there was no where for us to run without causing a major traffic jam.  No joke, he literally called out the window, ‘it’s a f****** two way street.”  That certainly wasn’t very policeman like of him.

Eventually I settled in to a groove, but it was so humid and the roads were still crowded.   I didn’t hate the race so much during miles 2 and 3, but once we entered the fourth mile, aka the mile which included the Giant Incline of Death and Sadness, I decided then and there that the Navy 5 Miler is not the race for me.

The Giant Incline of Death and Sadness wasn’t your ordinary hill.  It wasn’t steep like the hills from last week’s 10k, which are equally as painful but over relatively quickly.  Instead, this was a giant incline that lasted at least half a mile.  It was painful and just plain turrable.  I wanted to walk so badly, but I didn’t.  The internal conversation I was having regarding walking was pretty intense, but I decided that in the end, I’d be even more disappointed if I walked.  Not because walking is bad, but because I  wanted to walk because it was hard and I didn’t like it.

Thankfully my perseverance paid off in the form of a glorious downhill portion.  We rounded the corner near Henderson Hall and ran downhill,  all while passing some of the grave ites at Arlington Cemetary.

Shortly after we came back to the Pentagon and the race was over.  I finished in 44:15, which is about 30 seconds per mile slower than last week’s 10K.  I’m not happy about that, but I also know that you can’t have a great race every time.

I collected my finisher’s coin (I wish it was a medal), I drank some water, ate a banana and then walked a mile back to the Metro station.

It wasn’t my favorite, nor my best race, but I’m glad I did it.  It’s a good warm up for next week’s half marathon.

In other news,  Caroline’s soccer team played really well this afternoon.   I’m really proud of how well she played; she was focused and didn’t give up, which resulted in her scoring a goal.

In more other news, I made a fall wreath yesterday, which I plan on sharing with you soon.  I also burned my finger with the hot glue gun.

It’s been an exciting weekend.


3 responses

  1. I hate hills, but I especially hate loooong hills. Even though your time wasn’t what you were hoping, it sounds like you are just on a roll with all these races! It makes me excited to run a race of my own soon.

    Hot glue hurts! I got a nasty blister from it once. (I put my finger directly into the glue on purpose because it looked soft. D’oh!)*


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