Fall Wreath

I’m not super crafty, but I’m capable of using a glue gun, so this weekend I attempted to make myself a new autumn wreath for our front door.

Of course, I say I’m good with a glue gun, but in the spirit of keeping it real, I had a slight hot glue mishap:

I guess the smoke coming from the searing hot tip and the fact that it’s called a HOT glue gun means nothing to me.

It was worth it, I guess.  I mean, I made a pretty decent wreath for about $15 and I only burned ONE finger tip.  It could have been worse, I suppose.

My kitchen counters looked a little worse for wear after craft time concluded, but that’s just part of the crafting experience.

The supply list was simple; I used a foam wreath, fake fall leaves, ribbon and hot glue.

I didn’t take pictures of each step-by-step instruction; it was pretty simple, though.

I glued ribbon around the edges of both the outside circle and the inner circle to hide the white foam.  Then I glued, glued, glued.   I glued the bigger leaves on to the wreath first, to cover it, and then filled in the gaps  with lots of the medium and small leaves.

It wasn’t exactly rocket science, which is good, because not only am I not good at fourth grade math, I’m also a remedial crafter. With my burned finger being the clearest of evidence.

I think it turned out nicely.  The vibrant leaves look nice with our green door.

After I poured all of my effort in to this wreath (and burned my finger tip), I walked by my neighbor’s house and noticed a yarn wreath  on her door.  And, in my usual capricious fashion, I decided I wanted to make one of those, too.

My neighbor claims it’s easy, but I’ll be the judge of that.

Once I round up the supplies, I’ll give the yarn wreath  a whirl.  I need more glue sticks.  And Band Aids!


3 responses

  1. I love your wreath! And it does look great against the green in your door. Ouch about the finger though. In my new found role as a crafter, I have been debating buying one of those cold glue guns. I have no idea if they work the same way as the hot glue guns, but not getting burned is almost enough of an incentive for me to shell out a few bucks to try one.


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