Remember that wreath I made this weekend?

The one I so lovingly crafted?  The one I burned my finger for?

You would not believe what I came home to today.


The problem is that the front of our house BAKES in the late morning/early afternoon sun.  The door handles practically sizzle when you touch them.  And, as it appears, the sun also melts hot glue and leaves you with a clump of fake fall foliage on your doorstep.

Things were going so well.

My door looked vibrant and seasonal; it brought an immediate smile to my face.  I guess I forgot about the unrelenting sun, for it hasn’t revealed itself in days.  A thick blanket of clouds had protected my beautiful wreath since Saturday; it didn’t even occur to me to consider the effects of the harsh sun.  I thought hot glue was impervious.  Today,  I learned my lesson.  With the sun shining in all its glory, things took an unfortunate turn for the worse.


I’m out of glue sticks.  Even if I had a surplus of glue sticks, the leaves that fell are all gooey and sticky now.  I don’t think I could reuse them.

As soon as  I saw my nearly naked wreath, all I could think was that this somehow could be construed as metaphor for life.  What was once bright and vibrant is now weathered, plucked bare and disenchanted.

I guess I have no choice now but to make this yarn wreath.


5 responses

  1. When you first made it, I was concerned about the foam and hot glue, when you said you wrapped the foam in ribbon, i thought it would be okay. But, now I see that you did glue the leaves directly to the foam and yes, heat would sooooo ruin it. I do love the yarn ribbon thought and can’t wait to see what it looks like. You could even cut felt leaves out to add! (Yes, please, forgive me and how anal I am about crafts.)

    • You know, I had the same thought about the hot glue and the foam. But I after it dried, I tugged and tugged on the leaves and they were stuck like glue. Ha! Now that I think about it, I had another wreath vs. scorching hot sun on my front door incident a few years back but it wasn’t nearly as tragic. I can’t remember the details. Perhaps I blocked out the memories. 😉 You are the craft master. I am a wannabe. I bow to your expert opinion. Ha!

      Next week I’ll get the supplies for the yarn wreath.


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