Thursday Three

Because, seriously?  That’s about all I can muster right now.  I left the gym this morning and went next door to the Dollar Tree to buy ribbon.  And that, my friends, is the exciting portion of my day.  Ribbon.  Oh, and candy corn.  I’m running low and I have one last race on Sunday.

1.  Speaking of ribbon, I’m attempting to put my humpty dumpty wreath of sadness back together again.

This time I’m going to wrap the whole thing in ribbon before applying the leaves and then I’m going to hang in on an inside door so that it is not in the position to receive the sun’s searing rays of glue melting destruction.

2.  Caroline is getting glasses.  After an eye test on Tuesday, it’s safe to say that she either needs glasses or she seriously needs to work on her alphabet recognition skills.  Girlfriend was messing all the letters up!  The whole thing tickled me and I must admit that I kinda sorta laughed out loud at one point.  Since she’s been reading for several years and is a very good student, it’s safe to say that the need for glasses was the solo reason for her alphabet mutilation in the eye doctor’s office.  We picked out frames, but there was some sort of problem regarding the lenses, so they won’t be finished for a week.  Hey, she’s gone this long without them, what’s a another week?

3. I need a hair cut.  I’m waiting until I run my final race, because I’m in to the pig tail braids style for races and I don’t want to do anything to mess up my running ju ju.  Speaking of braids, at the race on Sunday, this woman came up from behind me and said “I like your braids.”  “Thanks, I said; it’s my signature.”  I totally said that in a facetious way, just so you know.  I’m not that much of a a dork.  Anyhow, she had braids, too.  And as she sped past me (!) I read her Lululemon tank top that had something to do with running marathons on all seven continents, 50 states, blah, blah, blah show off.  I caught up with her eventually, but only because she stopped to walk through a water station.  But then she really got ahead of me (I’d like to blame the dude who cut me off at a water station, but I know the truth) and smoked me at the end.   It’s hard to compete with girls in hard-core  tank tops and booty shorts.

Okay, off to resurrect my wreath!

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