Baking Aisle

It’s my favorite time of year:  the time when the commissary puts out all the holiday baking supplies.  Nothing makes me feel warmer and fuzzier than bins piled high with baking chips, neat displays of spices, cans of pumpkin and sack after sack of flour.

I kind of went a little overboard today.

Last fall, when Craig was home and I baked once, if not twice a week, for his co workers, I would have thought nothing of this purchase.  However, since Craig is not home and I have no reason to bake, buying all those baking chips was kind of dumb.  I always have chocolate chips on hand, but all these extra ones, we’re an impulse buy, plain and simple.

I nearly cheered out loud when I saw the cinnamon chips.

When we lived in Arizona, of all places, I could find cinnamon chips everywhere.  They make a great addition to oatmeal cookies, FYI.  Once we left Arizona for Maryland and then on to Georgia and up to Virginia, I haven’t had much luck finding them.  When we went to Hershey, PA back in 2009, I brought few bags home from the gift shop and used them rather judiciously as to make them last a little longer.  So, you can only imagine how excited I was to see them at the commissary.

Clearly, I’m easily amused.

It kind of makes me sad to know that I won’t have the opportunity to test out many new recipes this coming fall and holiday season.

Which leads me to wonder if Craig’s former co workers have lost weight since he left?  I mean, I was providing them with a continuous supply of butter, sugar and chocolate for years, so you have to assume that they’re all healthier and smaller in Craig’s absence.

In other news (sheesh, I say that a lot; I need a new way to change the subject), it’s honey crisp apple season.

Three cheers for fall!


4 responses

  1. I am more than willing to take any baking off your hands…there are always hungry Marines in my neck of the woods! And I am also very excited about baking this time of year as well. I think I am more excited this year than normal since I missed out last year due to that stinky deployment to Afghanistan. But I will now have my eyes peeled for those cinnamon chips. Those are right up my alley!

    • I’m always happy to bake for a good cause. I miss having hungry soldiers to feed. Except, in our case, most of Craig’s co workers here were civilians….but they were still hungry. Your Marines will eat well during the holidays. I got the cinnamon chips at the Ft. Belvoir commissary. They had mint chocolate, too. And the Heath bits o’ brickle, which is my favorite. I love making things with toffee bits.


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