Here’s a question for you:  what is better than two eyes?

Why, FOUR eyes are better than two.  Naturally.

We picked up Caroline’s glasses today.  Another pair (aka the oops-mom-I-‘accidentally’-sat-on-my-glasses-backup-pair) had to go to Texas for some reason or another.  Something about the bottom of the frame being rimless.  I don’t know.  You’d think they’d have all the supplies necessary in such a large area, but what do I know?  Besides, those are the back up pair.

These brown beauties are numero uno.

Caroline looks thrilled, doesn’t she?

That picture may not accurately convey her excitement, but the fact that she can actually see things more clearly has made her quite a fan of her new glasses.  Evidently, she  can now read the captions on the bottom of the tv screen.  Not that she ever told me she couldn’t read the bottom of the tv screen.  Just so you don’t think I’m THAT negligent.

Also?  These glasses, while not only stylish, have also made Caroline quite pensive and contemplative.

And goofy!


Hey, do you think now that Caroline can see, she might actually notice the toothpaste clumps she leaves in the sink?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.



6 responses

  1. I love the glasses! When I was little, I actually wanted glasses. I do not know why. Now I have them because I need glasses in order to see when I drive or look at power points from far away.*

  2. Glasses have come al LONG way. I got my first pair in third grade and I think mine belonged to Sally Jessie Raphael. And if by chance her new glasses help her see toothpaste clumps I would like an exact pair for Mr. R. He is infamous for his toothpaste clumps and toothpaste spatter on the bathroom mirror.

    • They are definitely much cuter these days, that’s for sure. I’ll let you know how the toothpaste issue goes….I’m doubtful, but you just never know. The mirror spatter is the WORST. Craig is guilty of that one. Must be a guy thing to turn toothbrushing in to a spitting contest.


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