An Unenthusiastic Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

On Sunday, when I was not running the Army Ten Miler, Caroline and I joined her pals at Cox Farms for an afternoon of fall themed festivities.  Since Caroline was heartbroken for missing out on camping this weekend, meeting up with her friends was the best I could do to lift her spirits.  Not that it matters, but *my* spirits were not the slightest bit lifted, mostly because I was elbow deep in self pity. We’re talking self pity of the highest order; you know, the woe-is-me- I-have-the-suckiest-life-in-the-entire-sucky-world, kind of self pity.  I was even bummed because the new compression socks I bought (with a gift certificate I won at the 10k I ran a few weeks ago) and planned to wear after the race, still sit in their package.  Unopened.  Rolled up in a sad little ball.  Unused.

I know!

As if my life could get any worse.

But, being the selfless mother I am, I pressed on for the greater good; all for the care and concern of my precious child the one who got sick, couldn’t go camping thus ending my plan to run my most favorite race in the whole world. 

Don’t get me wrong (also? please know I’m being facetious above), the pumpkin patch is fun.  How could anything which celebrates my favorite season be bad?  Pumpkins, apples, hay bales, live stock, corn mazes.  All very good things.  It was hot, though.   And stinky.  Because pigs and cows are stinky.  And crowded.  And hot.  My attitude wasn’t great, even though I was in the company of friends, which translated to my ambivalence in the picture taking area.  I took some pictures, of course, but they’re neither good nor interesting.

I was already in a sour mood on Sunday, but the fact that it took us 50 minutes to drive less than two miles made it worse.  However, while we were waiting to move an inch every few minutes, I was able to enjoy the local  real estate and pick out my future home.

Note to Craig:  please get a big wig government job after you retire so we can live in an expansive manse in Centreville.

Anyway, once we made it to Cox Farm, paid our entrance fee and met up with our friends, we actually had fun.  Minus the profuse sweating, of course.  It was hot, you know.  Did I already mention that?

There was some sliding; backwards, of course

and some game playing.


Throw the pumpkin through the holes in the painted plywood and catapult a pumpkin into field, were the highlights.  Also, if you catapulted your pumpkin far enough and hit the beat up minivan in the center of the field (always keeping it classy, Cox Farms), you won a free game. Speaking of keeping it classy, my friends were joking that the owners of the farm go to every yard sale in the area to procure more decorations for the pumpkin patch.  It’s an eclectic hodge podge of decorating styles, to say the least.

There was some Sprite drinking

and sun wilted (half?) smiles.

The one thing that really did make me smile (besides the McDonald’s ice cream cone and large diet coke we got on the drive home) was this happy, dirty mama pig and her adorable and VERY enthusiastic nurslings.

And now I really want a piglet.  Too bad our landlord doesn’t allow  pets.

Anyway,  we survived the pumpkin patch and it was a fun day.  I’m happy Caroline was able to spend time with her friends without missing out on ALL the fun.  I actually did not pout at all on Sunday; I was as happy and joyful as always.

Except for the times when I got pouty and mad at the world and crossed my arms and stamped my feet in dirt.

Wait, didn’t I just say I didn’t pout?

Eh, I lied.

So what.

I may not have been able to run the Army Ten Miler on Sunday, but Craig was able to participate in a shadow run in Aghanistan, where he placed 5th!  I asked him, in that adorable joking way of mine, if half the particpants (about 500 in total)  were overweight or hobbling around on crutches, but he assured me that most of the runners were indeed in decent running shape.  It just so happens that Craig is a speedy dude.  🙂


3 responses

    • Yep, he’s speedy. The funny thing is he keeps getting faster the older he gets. Craig said 3 out of the top 5 were 40 and over. It gives me hope that we don’t have to fall apart as we get older. I have a gym friend, who at age 46, dropped over 30 minutes off of both her half and full marathon times. She’s my hero. 🙂

  1. SO random, but I just found your blog through a comment on Army Amy’s blog, and I just found her blog through a comment on Daily Garnish. (I really should get back to work…) Anyways, I’m also an Army wife, living in Hawaii… and it was so funny and coincidental that my slacking led me to your blog because I’m from Centreville and your second house picture is our close family friends’ house! It also made me super homesick… I miss Cox Farms and the cool VA fall weather. And home!
    Congrats to your husband on his 5th place finish! And hopefully he’ll be home to you all soon:) My husband is heading there in a couple of months… ugh.


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