There Goeth My Brain

Confession:  I forgot my phone number this morning.

You know how you can rattle off important information without thinking about it?  Birthdates, addresses, social security numbers, phone numbers?  This information is stuck in our brains and on most days, when asked, you can give that information without thinking.

And then there are days like today, when I could not for the life of me remember the first three digits of our phone number.  I thought I had it, but then I second guessed myself, which sent me in to a tale spin of  self doubt and worry.  I even started to question my brain function.  When I finally came up with three numbers that I thought were right, just looking at them on the computer screen confused me further.  It’s like when you type a word like “was” and then spend five minutes wondering if you spelled it right because it looks funny typed out.  I once spent way too much time pondering whether the word “gotten” is a real word.  It is.  I looked it up.  But it still looks all wrong.

Anyway, I forgot my phone number this morning.  After staring at the blank space on the computer screen where I was to insert the first three numbers (not the area code….that I remembered right away) for far too long, I finally swallowed my pride and asked Caroline for help.  She was upstairs, so I couldn’t see her face, but I’m quite certain she rolled her eyes at me and then asked God what she did to deserve such an incompetent mother.

The good news is that I now remember my phone number in its entirety.  Go ahead, ask me.  I will tell you without hesitation.  Just so long as you promise not to call me; I hate talking on the phone.

Brain function wise, this week has been a little shaky.  Besides the phone number incident, I also lost our mail key this week.  Losing it ONCE in three years is pretty good for my standards, however, I lost the key at an unfortunate time.  Thanks to online bill paying options, the mail we generally receive is of the junk variety…except, every three months we get a water bill.  Fairfax Water does not have an online bill paying option, which is so 2005.  Totally lame.  Of course, I realized the missing key on Saturday, but couldn’t do anything about it until Tuesday, because Monday was a holiday.  On Tuesday I went to the post office, forked over $30 and, as of Thursday, I’m still waiting for the key.  It takes a few days.  Normally, since we only get junk mail, I wouldn’t mind, except I had a water bill waiting for me.  Desperate, I kept an eye on the mailbox Tuesday afternoon and waited for the mailman to approach.   He’s a nice guy, even though I think he probably harbors secret animosity towards me because I hardly check my mail.  Hello, it’s all junk.  So, when I do check the mailbox, it’s stuffed to the brim with grocery ads and credit card applications.

To my chagrin, our regular mailman wasn’t delivering on Tuesday; we had a substitute mail lady.  She was nice too and after I provided proof that I lived where I do, she gave me my mail, which included the water bill.

I opened the bill up, put it on the kitchen counter to deal with later….and now it’s gone.


I can’t find it.

At least I know my phone number.



4 responses

  1. Oh my goodness! You’re just having a tough time, lady! I will say that I’ve forgotten my debit card pin number before. It has the same digits as my ss#, so sometimes I get confused! LOL!*

    • I forgot my debit PIN once (at least!)….and felt like a total dork at the check out. As much as I use that thing, you’d think it would be impossible for me to forget the PIN.

  2. This is hilarious! See, it’s as I’ve always said–It’s all about having a good story to tell. Life is blog and column fodder.
    I know my phone number, but I can’t spell occasionally or mayonaisse.

    • Separate. SepARAte. I have to look it up every time. Gah. My brain. It hurts.
      The good news is I feel human again so I can go to the gym. Taking two days off (the horror!) made me all fuzzy and fidgety.


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