Friday Hodge Podge

Random update:  I now have a key to my mailbox, but I still have not located my water bill.  Maybe I threw it away?  I dug through the garbage and recycling and didn’t find it, so who knows.  You know, it’s shameful how many times I’ve had to sift through the garbage for lost items of importance.  Once Craig couldn’t find the rank insignia that was supposed to be attached to his beret and blamed me.  ME!  As if I ever lose anything.  It was late and he didn’t have a replacement and maybe he was going somewhere, I can’t remember, but, for whatever reason, it was my fault.  I searched high and low (and in the garbage) for that shiny piece of metal, but it was nowhere to be found.  And then, several days later, after Craig bought a replacement, I found the rank….stuck to the sole of my running shoe!

Anyway, Yesterday I called Fairfax Water lame for not having an online payment option.  As it turns out, they do have an online bill payment option, but it costs $3.95 per transaction.  Because I cannot find my bill and do not want my water to be shut off, I paid the $3.95 for the online transaction.  Except, first I had to call the water company because I didn’t know my account number.  It’s on the bill. I don’t have my bill.  I am lame.

One day I’ll be a real grown up and keep record of all these things.  But having everything available at the click of a button is easy; keeping real paper records is a hassle.

So, my water bill is paid.

And now I’ll find the bill.  Because life is funny like that.

In other random news, yesterday I dropped a bunch of stuff off at the thrift store on Ft. Belvoir.  And  because you have to drive by Dunkin Donuts to get there, I stopped for an iced coffee.  Naturally.  It was a rainy morning, but the rain had subsided when I pulled in to the parking lot, so I chose to leave my umbrella in the car.  Can you guess where this is going? Not three seconds after I entered DD, the skies opened up and it POURED.  I ordered my pumpkin iced coffee (with half the amount of syrup…too sweet and skim milk) and was given pumpkin iced coffee with cream.  Oddly enough, this happened the last time I ordered the same thing….but at a different DD.  I’m not opposed to cream, but I think it makes the drink too rich, so I ask for skim milk.  The store was busy and I was too focused on the fact that my hair was about to get sopping wet in the rain to notice right away.

When I got to the car I realized the mistake, but drank it because I don’t like to be a bother.  And I didn’t want to risk making my hair look even worse! Later  on I tweeted about what happened and Dunkin Donuts sent me a message asking for my phone number so they could contact me and make things right.  I didn’t give them my number because I felt silly for complaining about something so insignificant.  I’m not one of those entitled ‘customer is always right’ people; they don’t owe me anything.  And besides, there isn’t anything they could possibly do to make me stop drinking their iced coffee.  I have to give them a thumbs up for their customer service.   Social media for the win!

And finally, today I feel human again.  I dealt with a sore throat/swollen glands thing this week which left me without much of voice.  I even stayed home from the gym Wednesday and Thursday; I probably could have worked out, but every now and then I try to be a responsible adult and not do reckless things which might impede the healing process.   Missing Wednesday was okay, because  I was sore from Tuesday, but by yesterday afternoon, I was a mess.  Apparently lack of exercise makes me fidgety.  I couldn’t focus; I couldn’t sit still; I was bored but couldn’t concentrate on activities that might cure my boredom.

The workout I had this morning was just what I needed to make me less of a basket case.

And now it’s time to bake a spaghetti squash.  Looks like we’re gearing up for an exciting Friday night!



4 responses

  1. I could teach you how to not be fidgety without exercise. Learneth from me. Stretch out on the couch with remote in hand and just click. After 5 or 12 hours go by, you will be a mindless zombie. Zombies feel no anxiety. See how easy that is?
    I ordered the red box of glucosamine stuff from Amazon because they had a twin pack that would have saved me about $30 (if I got it at CVS). It wasn’t on the doctor’s list but I called and he said it’s good stuff too.
    So, we’ll see.
    It’s a good thing lack of exercise doesn’t make me fidgety.

    • Yes, but if I tried to sit and watch tv, somebody would find me and ask for something and then change the channel when I left the room to get whatever it is somebody asked for. And then if I go upstairs, somebody will find me again and somehow usurp control of the tv. On the weekends I hide in my room and watch tv, but it never lasts long. Somebody always wants something.
      I hope the red box stuff works. I’m pretty sure that’s the one Craig uses. Hopefully it won’t put hair on your chest. 😉

  2. That’s cool that DD would reach out to give you the hook up! Two thumbs up for them.

    Four bucks is pretty steep for an online payment fee. My apartment adds fifty cents to your rent when you pay online, and I even think that is ridiculous! I’m really cheap, but laziness wins out in that one. Yes, I can run miles and miles, but no, I will not walk to the apartment office to drop off my rent check.*

  3. Ok, didn’t you have last month’s bill for the account number reference? I mean, don’t you have a file with every month’s bills going back two years like Charlie does? You mean, you aren’t that anal?

    You win a prize.


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