I Lost A Few Pounds

Of hair, that is.  Given the amount of candy corn I’ve been eating lately, there’s no way I could have lost any actual weight.  My pants may fit the same, but, today, my head feels much lighter.  Or, whatever.  Ha!

Fact #1:  I’ve needed a hair cut for over a month.

Fact #2:  I hate getting my hair cut.

Fact #3:  I put off getting my hair cut until I have some sort of untimely, irrational outburst regarding the state of the hair atop my head.

Today was irrational outburst day; I simply could not take it any longer.  Out of nowhere, while I was drying my unruly, lifeless, too-long hair at the gym, I rattled off some profanities, kicked the wall and said,’ golly gee, my hair is a mess; today I shall get it cut.’

And I did.  True story.  Minus the profanities and the wall kicking part.  Oh, and I also did not say ‘golly gee.’

I’d show you a picture of my new hair cut, but I also got my eyebrows waxed, which has left my brow area a tad red.  You don’t want to see it.  Trust me.  This was the first time I’ve ever had my eyebrows waxed and I must say, I liked it.  I think I’ll do it again.  At the rate my unwanted facial hair grows, it won’t be long before that will happen.  The lady who cut my hair must have gone to an employee meeting focused on how to get your customers to spend money, because she tried to get me to highlight my hair, as well.  I’ve never colored my hair and I don’t think I’ll start now; the upkeep is what I find so daunting.  You know, roots and such.  I’d rather waste my money on other things I don’t need.  Like coffee and coffee.

In other news, the fourth graders went on a field trip to The Kennedy Center today to listen to orchestra music.  Because this is a special event, the kids were told to dress nicely, aka, no jeans, tshirts, dirty athletic shoes or flip flops.  Unfortunately for us, Caroline’s closet is chock full of jeans, shorts and tshirts.  Fashionista, she ain’t.  Also?  She won’t wear dresses or skirts, which left us in a wardrobe quandry.  Somehow, we managed to find some nice black pants and a short-sleeved sweater for her to wear that she liked, fit comfortably and wasn’t too girly fru-fru.  I meant to take a picture this morning, because she looked super cute, but it was raining and we were running late and I’m a negligent mother.   Maybe I’ll take one after school to share later.

While we’re on the subject of field trips, the fourth graders are also taking a trip to Jamestown in a couple of weeks.  This is big excitement….because they get to ride a fancy tour bus.  Jamestown is three hours away, so a tour bus is a must.  Could you imagine puttering down the road in a yellow school bus for three hours?  Parents are encouraged to attend, so long as you pay the $39 fee.  At first I didn’t want to go because 1) I hate chaperoning field trips 2) I don’t want to ride a bus for a total of six hours with a bunch of crazy kids 3) I hate chaperoning field trips.  Did I mention I hate chaperoning field trips?  Last year I got guilted in to going to the Natural History Museum.  It was horribly crowded and we hardly got to see anything.  The kids were hungry and whiny there were too many people in the museum.  I wasn’t a fan.  Crabby, much?

Anyway, Caroline wants me to go to Jamestown.  I told her I would, but only if they were in DIRE NEED of chaperones.  Because I’m horribly selfish like that.  But, then I started to feel like Mommy Dearest for not wanting to go on a field trip with my kid, who clearly WANTS me to go, and who in a few short years will think I’m totally lame.  So, basically, I guilted myself in to going on the field trip, while I softly sang Cats in the Cradle to myself.   Thanks, Harry Chapin.

I’m sure it’ll be fun, minus the bus ride part; my friend is going, so we’re going to ditch the kids, let them run wild and tour Jamestown all by ourselves.

Sounds like a plan to me!

Yep, there goes my Mother of the Year award.    Again.


6 responses

  1. I’m the same way with my hair! I majorly put it off. I’ve had my brows waxed a few times, but now I’m more into threading. It’s more painful, but I like the results plus it’s super cheap.*

  2. I’m shocked that you got your eyebrows waxed! I think that’s awesome, but I’m shocked nonetheless.
    You need to spend some time with your sister and then you’ll start doing all kinds of beauty type stuff you swore you’d never do. She has this awesome power that I wish I had.
    You’ll enjoy the field trip. Remember: It’s ALL about the story you’ll get to tell afterward.

    • I always think about doing it, but usually forget when I’m actually there. Most beauty stuff….like spa treatments….make me really uncomfortable.

      I’m sure the field trip will be fine. It’s going to be a long day. We leave at 7:30 and assuming traffic is terrible (ha!) we’re supposed to be back at 5:30. At times like this, I wish Craig was here….so he could go.

  3. They can suck it up…the yellow school bus. Floral City Elementary put us on a yellow bus to Tallahassee, and one to Kennedy Space Center. Both at least three hours away.


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