The Month of the Whoopie Pie

Good news!  I have a few bake sales coming up.  Well, two bake sales, to be exact, but since I haven’t had a bake sale to bake for since February, two is a big deal.  Tomorrow is Caroline’s school’s annual Croctoberfest and, naturally, I signed up to not only bake for the bake sale, but to work, at the bake sale table, as well.  Being in the company of table full of baked goodies is truly my happy place.

I’m making two favorites:  pumpkin cookies with caramel frosting and chocolate peanut butter cup brownies.  They’re both fool proof recipes with crowd pleasing effects.  However, I like to try new recipes, as well. You know, to keep things interesting.  So even though I did not sign up to make whoopie pies, I’m making whoopie pies.

For my bake sale next week, I’m making pumpkin whoopie pies with a maple-cream cheese frosting; for the Croctoberfest, I’m making traditional chocolate whoopie pies with marshmallow-y filling, thus making October the Month of the Whoopie Pie.   To say I’m excited is a vast understatement.

For the occasion, I bought this huge tub of Fluff.

I also randomly bought these:

And this

Yep.  The value sized bag.  What can I say?  I like a good value.

Confession:  this bag came with many broken pieces of candy corn.  Today I picked out and ate all the broken off tips.

Perhaps I should rename October the Month of Consuming Ridiculous Amounts of Refined Sugar?  But if we’re being truly honest, I should also name November through September the same thing.

Anyway, back to the whoopie pies!

I don’t know why I suddenly became so focused on trying my hand at making  whoopie pies, but I suspect it was the idea of embellishing the sides of the gooey filling with Halloween sprinkles.

Eeep, that’s a bad picture.  Sorry.

I don’t know, I just think whoopie pies sound fun; I need a little fun in my life.  Don’t you think whoopie pies sound fun?

All I know is that I’m excited to do some baking tomorrow; it’s been far too long since I’ve had powdered sugar in my eyebrows and frosting splattered all over my shirt.

Also?  Do you know what my favorite part of bake sale baking is?

Why, tying the baggies up with a festive ribbon, of course.  Ugh, how dorky do I sound saying ‘festive ribbon?’

Looks like the Michael’s ribbon aisle got me again.


6 responses

  1. Pumpkin marshmallows! Yum! I’ve been seeing whoopie pies everywhere lately. You are on trend! You sound so excited for the bake sales! (My last baking venture – black bean brownies – was such an epic failure; I’m scared to try again!) I hope you’ll share pictures of the results!*

    • Oh, I LOVE to bake. I really am excited, which might be a little sad. Don’t let your black bean brownies scare you for life. Keep baking!

      PS–I found the pumpkin marshmallows at Walmart.

  2. I know about you and your craft store obsession so I’m not at all surprised that you will have the most fabulously wrapped goodies at the sale. Have fun!

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