Whoopie Do!

Whoopie pie success!

Except, the pictures are pretty terrible because I snapped them rather haphazardly while they were IN the refrigerator.  I’m not quite tall enough to get a picture of anything on the top shelf, without having to angle the camera upwards, which, combined with the lack of natural light, made for some ugly pictures.  Overall, the pictures are a cringe-worthy mess, but the whoopie pies are tasty.

I used this Martha Stewart recipe.  Martha, in all her self-important haughtiness, seldom steers me wrong in the recipe department, so I looked to her for help in overcoming last week’s less-than-perfect whoopie pie  results.  I did doctor up the cream cheese frosting a bit, by adding a tablespoon of maple syrup, a pinch of salt and about a 1/4 tsp of cinnamon, just to make things a little more interesting.

I made the pumpkin whoopie pies, along with another Martha Stewart gem, peanut butter swirl brownies, and apple pie muffins for my neighbor, who is raising money for the 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk.

I hope they’re well received at the bake sale table.

If not, at least the pink ribbon matched the theme.

In other news, I earned a ‘highly coveted’ Marine Corps Marathon mock turtleneck shirt yesterday.

Fancy, no?

The best part is that I didn’t have to run 26.2 miles to earn it.  All I had to do was volunteer at the packet pick up for a few hours.  I’d say that five hours of handing out Healthy Kids Fun Run race bibs is much easier, don’t you think?  Except, after I got home, I realized I couldn’t pass myself off as a finisher ( not that I would) because the actual marathoner shirt, like Craig’s from 2009, says ‘Competitor’ on it.

Oh well.

I had a really great time at the expo; it’s fun to be a part of the excitement of a big race, all without having to run a single step! I’ll be back one day to tackle the MCM,  but for now, volunteering a few hours of my time will have to do.  As a bonus, I got to meet a blog/Twitter friend, who will be braving the unseasonably cold temperatures on the race course tomorrow morning.  Good luck, Sarah!

As I just mentioned, we’re having a bit of a weather situation right now.  It’s wet, windy, cold and snow may actually fall from the sky. In October.  In fact, I believe they’re dubbing this “Snow-tober” although we haven’t seen any white stuff yet.  Thankfully, the sun is forecasted to appear tomorrow, so any snow that may have fallen should melt away as the marathon runners are on their way in the morning.

Since I have no need to leave my house today (soccer was canceled, thankfully), I’m enjoying this cold, wet, dreary day. I did venture out to get my newspaper from the driveway, and that, my friends, is the last time I’ll set foot outside all day.

I just love days like this.  Soup, tea (my favorite seasonal tea….Bigelow EggNogg’n) and TV.

Works for me!


4 responses

  1. Thanks! Looking out my window right now, I’m less than excited about running the marathon tomorrow, but hopefully the weather will surprise me. Glad you had fun yesterday and those pumpkin whoopie pies look amazing!

    • Yes, the whoopie pies are great. My neighbor said they made $500 at their bake sale, which is pretty incredible considering today’s weather. I know you’re not very excited about tomorrow, but you really can’t beat the post-marathon glow. It’ll be worth it. The medals they hand out are pretty sweet. And, if it doesn’t go exactly as planned…..you can blame the weather! I love a good excuse. Ha!

  2. High five for your whoopie pie success!

    The MCM sounds amazing. I know that some of my fellow Texans are participating. I’ve never traveled for a race, but if I was going to, that might be the one.*

    • Thanks for the high five. The MCM is a great race….it’s really well organized which makes all the difference in the world. I also HIGHLY recommend the Army Ten Miler. It’s a huge production and also a really well put together race; it’s worth the trip out here. If you’re going to do a destination marathon, the MCM would be the one…although I’m partial to the Disney World Marathon, too.


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