Who Gave That Girl A Whistle?

Clearly, no one with any working brain cells.  (That would be me!)

Actually, Caroline was too busy traipsing throughout the neighborhood, on a search for candy, to use her whistle.  <Insert thankful sigh here>

When it comes to Halloween costumes, we find ourselves in a quandary each year.  Caroline is not the girly, foo-foo princess type, which automatically eliminates most Halloween choices.  I’m also against anything too gory (I don’t know why?) or witchy, which eliminates an even broader selection of costumes.  And then, of course, there is the skimpy, suggestive, slutty selection of costumes, which we won’t touch with a ten foot pole.

Thankfully, we found this referee costume, which is appropriate, given Caroline’s love for soccer, but also a little on the wild side because a skirt is involved.  Caroline doesn’t do skirts, so this was a big move for her.

I think the whistle sold her on the idea.

I’d love to show you a full body picture of Caroline in her costume (aka the skirt!), but unfortunately, at the time of our photo session, she had a huge rip in her tights, just above the knee.  Afterwards, I drove to the closest store, Walmart, to get another pair, but I couldn’t wait to take pictures because I knew the sun would be setting shortly.  So, headshots (and goofy ref hand signals) will have to do.

As expected, all the kids came home with too much candy.

Caroline carried one of those reusable shopping bags and it was seriously sagging by the end of the night.

Just look at all the beautiful candy inside.

I could live without the gummy body parts and, especially, the gummy ear wax (!), but for the most part, Caroline acquired some excellent candy this year.

The kids work hard for their candy, though.  Living in a townhouse subdivision, where the majority of the front doors are accessed by a dozen or so stairs, requires  both excellent cardiovascular endurance and leg muscle strength…especially when the bag gets heavy towards the end of the night.

They climbed a LOT of stairs, but the prize was well worth it.

Okay, time to steal some of the Almond Joys hide Caroline’s whistle before she uses it for evil purposes.

Happy November!

2 responses

  1. Quite the haul! Do you let her eat the candy at her leisure or do you limit candy consumption to a few pieces a day?

    I love how serious Caroline looks in all of the pictures! Refereeing looks like serious business!*

  2. I know some people who let their kids eat as much as they want for a few days and then get rid of the rest, but we like our sweets on a daily basis (or twice daily…and maybe even thrice daily…what comes after thrice?), so we generally just eat a few pieces a day. It lasts longer that way. I’ll put one or two in her lunch and then she’ll have a couple after dinner. I can’t imagine a life without candy, so this works best for us. I say ‘we’ but I think I may have to be a bit more secretive and dip into the loot when she’s not home. She caught me after dinner and was all ‘keep your paws off my candy or I just might hide it’ and I told her ‘no way, Jose.’

    Being mom automatically gives you clearance to reach into the bag without permission. I had to remind her that last year when her dad was home, HE ate the majority of her candy. 🙂


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