Bizzy Bee

Long time no blog.

I guess I’ve been busy.  Or, at least busy enough to prevent me from sitting at the computer for several hours every day.  Since Wednesday, this is the first time I’ve been able to sit at the computer for any length of time.  Minus my early morning caffeine imbibing/blog catching up time; I’m too useless in the morning to blog, though.  Of course, as I sit here and type this, I really should be rectifying the dirty house situation I currently have on my hands.  I fully intended to wax my floors this afternoon, but I have a feeling I just might put that off until tomorrow.  I have a headache, a Google reader overflowing with blog posts to read and, of course, my very on blog to attend to.

Shiny floors can wait.

And the laundry.

And the smudges on my storm door that need to be wiped away.

Oh, and the carpets which need to be vacuumed and the dust which needs to be removed from pretty much every surface in my house.

It’s a never ending cycle.

Anyhow, I’ve been kind of busy.  Not curing cancer or fixing the deficit, mind you, but busy in my own special way.

Thursday we went to Jamestown on the field trip I was not so secretly dreading.

The fourth graders focus on Virginia history in social studies, so a trip to Jamestown to learn about the English settlers and the Powhatan Indians seemed appropriate.  Budget constraints permitted the past few fourth grade classes to go to Jamestown, but this year the school was able to pull it off….even though each participant had to pay $39 to go.  It was worth it.

I was dreading the trip because of the bus ride, but my friend, Debbie, and I were able to sit up front with the teachers and did not have to sit with squirmy, bouncy, over excited nine year olds.  That’s okay for a short trip, but not for two and a half hours.

Also, we had a tour guide, named George.

He was great.  Except he walked too fast and our large group had trouble keeping up.  George was also careful to remind us that the Powhatan Indians prefer to be called indians, as opposed to the more politically correct ‘Native Americans.’  I thought his disclaimer was funny, but I suppose in this day and age, it’s required.  Don’t want to offend anyone.

Jamestown is rich in history, but considering it was a settlement/ indian reservation, everything was pretty drab.  After touring Colonial Williamsburg and Mount Vernon, where the architecture and decorations were very ornate, the humble abodes at Jamestown didn’t really pop for the camera.

The ingenuity of the Powhatans was pretty amazing, though.  All throughout the tour, I kept thinking how truly spoiled and pampered we are to live in civilized societies with our big houses where everyone has their own room.  Oh, and running water.  And soap!  The whole time I could only think about how smelly everyone must have been.  Stinky or not, they were resourceful and smart; I’d surely never think to make a needle or a fishhook out of a deer’s tooth.  I wonder if they made their own soap?

The boat replicas were pretty cool, too.

After lunch, we were able to visit the Glasshouse, which, despite its name, is not a house made of glass.  The kids were kind of bummed about that.  It is, however, a house (building) where glass is made.  Watching the glass blower was really awesome.  I left my camera on the bus, so I didn’t snap a picture.  I’m just happy we were visiting on a chilly fall day and NOT in July.  I can only imagine how hot it is in the summer.

Even though I balked (A LOT), I’m glad I went on the trip.  It was great spending time with my friend, and also getting to know the fourth grade teachers a bit better.  I’m so thankful that Caroline goes to such a great school.

So, Thursday was busy with field trip stuff.  Friday was busy with other fun stuff like going to the gym and out to lunch with a friend, followed by a trip to Target for odds and ends.  In the afternoon I had a parent-teacher conference and then Caroline and I went out to dinner and to a concert.  We didn’t get home until nearly 10:30.  Such wild and crazy girls!

Today, we did the soccer thing.

Caroline scored an awesome goal, but twisted her leg (pulled a muscle?) in the process.  It took her out of the last quarter, but she seems to be okay now, her leg is still sore though.  She’s pretty tough and was proud that she still scored the goal.

Okay, off to fold the laundry.  I better do something productive today!


4 responses

  1. I love historical stuff like that! I don’t know if I would have liked it in 4th grade. (In middle school, I took a trip to DC and NYC. We all agreed that the DC part was boring, but maybe that’s just in comparison to New York.)

    By the way, those soccer uniforms are majorly pink!*

    • I think the only reason the kids weren’t totally bored was because they’re learning about Jamestown right now. But honestly, the bathroom on the tour bus we took was much more intriguing to them. Ha! I know I wouldn’t have appreciated much at their age, either. I’m thankful to live in DC as an adult because it all means so much more to me now.

      Yes, they are pink! Like Pepto pink. They wore the same uniforms in the spring, too. In the spring they were the Pink Panthers; this season, they’re the Pink Pumas.

    • Jamestown was really interesting. To think of what the men on the boats endured to get to America is amazing. I think they said there were 54 men on one boat for four months…..can you imagine how stinky and disease-y that was?


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