From Busy to Useless in 24 Hours

Man, I went from not having any free time during the latter half of last week to being pretty much useless this weekend.  On Saturday, once we were done with soccer and visiting Caroline’s school craft fair, I hung up my productive hat and didn’t do a whole lot of anything.  I think I made some dinner, but now I can’t remember.  Being useless also makes my brain kind of mushy, I guess.

Aside from a four mile run yesterday morning, the remainder of my day was spent hiding from Caroline and her friends, who set up camp in our house.  As usual.

The kids are out of school today and tomorrow for teacher work days, but thankfully none of the kids are in my house at this moment.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to complete this captivating blog post.  If they’re down in the basement watching tv, where our desk top computer is, I cannot concentrate. The voices on kids shows are not conducive to producing thoughtful blog content.

Or, whatever.

Caroline went to the gym with me this morning and then we stopped at the store for milk.  And because Caroline went with me, we also came home with apple cider, bread sticks and soup.  I put the kibosh on doughnuts, though. Caution: taking a hungry Caroline to the grocery store is only asking for trouble.  When we got home, I started to make her grilled cheese and soup for lunch.  One by one her friends rang the doorbell and I ended up making grilled cheese for four.  Kind of reminiscent of the summer when I fed at least one other child at lunch and/or dinner every day.

Now the kids are fed and outside so I can continue my uselessness.  I still need to wax my floors, but if I start, the kids will show up and thwart my plans.  Guess I’ll wait until Wednesday.


In other news, I’m starting to freak out a bit.  Alison?  Freak out?  Oh yes.

And would you like to know what I’m freaking out about?  Well, I’m freaking out because we’re moving to a place that does not have Dunkin Donuts or Panera Bread or Firehouse Subs.

Hawaii?  Really?  Why do you hate me so?

I’m not entirely sure three years without a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee is do able.  I’m going to be in one ugly mood by the time we end our stay in Hawaii.

So not only will I have to give up my beloved Body Combat and Body Attack (unless they miraculously start teaching it in Hawaii), and crisp fall days and sweaters and my favorite running races, I also have to give up Dunkin Donuts?!

That’s a lot to ask, don’t you think?

What have I gotten myself in to?



8 responses

  1. Well at least they still have Starbucks and you can ususally buy Krispy Kreme over the weekends….the store is on Maui unless they have built one on Oahu by now…but lots of people sell them as fundraisers all the time. I would trade you in a heartbeat!! I just put my girls down for a nap…they were up at 5, yes 5…the time change I think has screwed them up! Have a great day!!

    • Ooh, naptime. Sounds good to me! Enjoy the silence. 😉
      I think there was Starbucks way back in the day when I lived there….in Miliani by the 24 hour fitness. But back then I didn’t even know what Starbucks was. I know!! I’m trying not to complain too much, I promise. When Caroline and I were at dinner on Friday night she was asking if they had Panera and Noodles and Company in Hawaii….and now we know the answer. We’ll just get our fill of rice and macaroni salad. Ha!

  2. Why don’t you become certified to teach Body Attack/Combat/Pump/Whatever and get a job at a gym in Hawaii and lead it yourself?

    How was the Chris Tomlin concert? He’s so good!
    Did Caroline like it? Was this her first concert?
    So many questions!
    In other equally as uninteresting news, my clothes smell like smoke! I was interviewing a chain smoker and now I reek. P.U.
    The End.

    • Believe me, I thought about getting certified, but to get certified in the Les Mills classes (the group that creates everything) you have to attend a weekend class, which is not only $$$ but kind of inconvenient when I don’t gots so other adult around to help with Caroline. They only come around so often and I’ll run out of time before I can get away to do it. Blah.

      The concert was great! We had such a good time. Caroline really enjoyed it, too. And yes, it was her first concert. I had heard about Louie Giglio, the pastor who travels with him, before, but wasn’t really familiar with him. He was great, too. We had good seats and the traffic wasn’t terrible and I’m just really glad we went. Hopefully he’ll come to Hawaii some day.

      Sorry about your smelly clothes.

      • Did Louie Giglio (not to be confused with Louie the Gigilo) talk about the universe and stars and galaxies and way, way out in outer space? I watched a You Tube of that and it’s incredible. After seeing it….well, I don;t see how anyone could deny that there’s a God.
        Glad CK liked her first concert.

  3. Doesn’t it always go that the coolest places lack some basic necessities? (And yes, Panera is a necessity!) After Stephen’s deployment, we’re supposed to PCS to Germany. Pretty cool, right? But! They have like zero restaurants. How will I survive?*

    • I know! You know what concerns me the most about Germany? The TV situation. Like, can you watch your favorite shows in real time, or is everything delayed? Or is it all Armed Forces Network? Gah, I’m such a little princess! Getting used to a different culture is kind of intimidating, but it is worth it in the end. I mean, Germany is pretty awesome. Although, I”m not sure you can get big burritos over there. Craig went TDY to Germany a few years ago and said he ate the best Italian food of his life there. In Germany. Go figure.

      The whole lack of familiar restaurants is a bit sad. But I assume you can always eat at the PX food court. Burger King? Robin Hood? Anthony’s pizza? Ha!


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