True Story

Warning:  this is a true story.

Also, the names have not been changed to protect the innocent  stupid.

As I mentioned yesterday, school is out for two days because it’s the end of the grading period; the teachers have two student free days for grading and parent teacher conferences.  Yesterday we stayed home and the neighborhood kids wreaked havoc on my living room.  Today, Caroline and I went to Great Falls, a national park in McLean, VA, with my friend Cris and her three kids.  The fourth graders are learning about Virginia history this year and one of the things they focus on is the five regions of Virginia:  coastal plains, piedmont, Blue Ridge mountains, valley and ridge and Appalachian plateau.  And it just so happens that Great Falls park is the fall line between the piedmont and coastal plain regions.  Except I kept calling it the ‘fault’ line.  You can take the girl out of California, but you can’t take California out of the girl.  So, not only did we enjoy a hike on the park’s trails on a gorgeous fall day, we also got to observe one of the very things Caroline and her friend, Alayna,  are learning about.

Extra credit, perhaps?

I have pictures to show, but I’ll do that tomorrow when I have time to put them on the computer.  Anyway, this particular blog post is not about Great Falls park; it is, instead, about my utter stupidity.

So after lunch and our hike (we didn’t get lost!  score!) we stopped by the always fabulous Tysons Corner mall because Cris needed to get some shoes from L.L. Bean.  Believe it or not, in the three years we’ve lived here, I have never been to Tysons Corner, so I was more than happy to stop.  Once we got Cris’ shoes, we took the kids for some ice cream.  And while we were in the ice cream shop, I couldn’t help but notice the table full of girls next to us, all with bags from the nearby American Girl doll store.  There seemed to be a lot of kids in the mall at 2:30 pm on a Tuesday, which kind of puzzled me.  As I sipped my iced latte, I leaned over to my friend and said, ‘it must be a school holiday…..just look at all the kids who are out of school right now.’

And then I busted out laughing.  And I couldn’t stop.

Because, there I was, standing next to my kid (the one who I spent my entire day with) and her three friends, who were all out of school both yesterday and today, and I actually said something that incredibly lame.

“It must be a school holiday.”  Can you believe it!?

For the love of all things holy, where is my brain?



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