Beauty Amid Chaos

It never ceases to amaze me that just a little off the Beltway, a few miles away from the traffic, construction and chaos, you can find something as glorious as this.

Just a few miles away from this park, stress levels in Washington, DC are near breaking point, and yet we can escape the craziness and witness nature in its most beautiful, undisturbed state.  I’m not sure why this amazes me so much, but it does.  To go from tension on the roads, re-routed traffic and nothing but noise and horns honking, to this

simple baffles me.
We had a great time exploring the park with our friends.   Believe it or not (believe it if you’ve met my parents) I’ve never been hiking before.  It was fun to explore the trails and my legs were really sore the next day from climbing up on the rocks.

Yes, my nine-year old is almost as tall as me. And no, we didn’t mean to match.  Ha!

Other than our trip to Great Falls Park, life has been pretty uneventful.  I may be the only one who feels this way, but I adore the ‘fall back’ time change.  I love when it gets dark at 5; it makes me feel all warm and cozy.  In fact, by 6:45 last night, dinner and dishes were done, Caroline took a bath and we were both in our jammies.

Yep, we’re two wild and crazy girls.

6 responses

  1. I’m loving the early dark as well. Especially on nights like tonight…rainy, cold and windy…and dark…makes me just want to curl up on the couch in my PJs and do nothing. Which is exactly what I am doing tonight!

  2. Gorgeous! I don’t think there’s anything like that where I live. Jealous!

    I put my PJ’s on early, too. All I want to do after work and running is put my feet up and veg out!*


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