Five For Friday

In other words, I’ve nothing to say, so I’ll create a list of random junk.

1.  I take prenatal vitamins.  I am not, uh, natal?  (which is good, because that would require a whole lot of ‘splainin’), however these particular vitamins are gummy (and tasty!) and they have omega 3s in them.  I used to buy the traditional swallow-able vitamins, but found that I conveniently ‘forget’ to take them regularly because swallowing vitamins is nastay.  For a while I was just eating Caroline’s gummy vitamins, but decided I should have big girl gummies for myself.  Although, ‘big girl gummies’ is an oxymoron, don’t you think?

2. I finally figured out how to set my coffee pot so the coffee is ready when I come down stairs in the morning.  Which, is the most brilliant thing ever.  Waiting those five minutes, hunched over the counter holding an empty coffee mug, in a bleary eyed state, while your coffee brews at a snail’s pace is somewhat torturous.  And yes, I admit that setting your coffee pot is not rocket science and it should not have taken me so long to figure it out, however, when you toss the instruction manual (like really, who keeps those things?) the day you rip open the box, operating without instructions is a wee bit trickier.  Also?  I’m an idiot.

3.  My pink iPod Shuffle died; it had been circling the drain all week and yesterday if finally bit the dust.  Because running with only my thoughts is kind of painful, I bought a new green one today.  I thought about getting something with more options and functions, like the Nano, but I only use my iPod when I work out, so I really don’t need that many options.  Besides $46 is better than $128.

4.  I’m baking up some goodies this weekend to send to Craig’s troops.  Even though I fancy myself a competent baker, I have never sent baked goods overseas.  I know!  I can hardly believe it, myself.  Usually when Craig is deployed, he’s on a diet, so I send trail mix and energy bars.  I’m honestly not sure what his diet is like currently  (although I regularly encourage him to lay off the ribs and bacon), so I still send trail mix and energy bars, but he has 28 troops under his care and apparently they’re quite hungry and in need of a little sugar.  Since sugar is my love language, I’m stoked about my weekend plans.  I just have to figure out how to package everything so it arrives intact.

5.  It feels like Wednesday.  Having the kids out of school on Monday and Tuesday totally threw the week off.  I hate short weeks; what a rip off.

Happy Friday!

Oh, and Happy Veterans Day to uh, veterans.  Yeah, that’s it.  🙂

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