Some Things I’ve Done Wrong

I have to be honest here; these past few days have not been my finest.  I’ve been frazzled, short-tempered and accident prone.

I do have lots of pictures to share of my baking for the troops weekend endeavor, which, quite honestly, contributed greatly to my frazzled state, but it’s almost time for Dancing With The Stars (!) so I’ll share those tomorrow. Priorities, yo.  In the mean time, I thought I’d share with you all that has gone wrong lately.  Because, really?  How else could your life go on?

1.  My pound cake fell apart.

2. I burned two batches of biscotti. And then proceeded to eat the non burned top part of one batch.

3.  I ran in to the open dishwasher door and bruised the top of my foot.

4.  I misread the directions for the replacement pound cake and had to run out to the store Sunday morning (after going Saturday night for butter and eggs) to get special flour.

5.  Craig called right before I started drying my hair on Sunday morning so I could go out to buy the special  flour to make the pound cake before we had to leave for soccer and I was not very nice to him on the phone.  Even on a good day I don’t like talking on the phone (yes, even to my deployed husband) but on a bad day, when I’m frazzled and pressed for time, I hate it even more.  And it showed.  Also? He was way too chipper and sing-songy, which made me even more grouchy and impossible.

6.  Some lady (not Beverly) took my spot in Body Pump today.  I put my things down to hold my spot and before I knew it, she invaded my territory.  This made my mood even worse; I gave her the stink eye (passive aggressively, of course) all throughout the class.

7.  During Kangoo Jumps class, I got a huge blister on my foot.

8.  I burned my throat while eating hot soup for lunch and then singed the roof of my mouth while eating pizza for dinner.

9.  I managed to get the rest of the baking accomplished without having a break down; I packaged up the goods and brought the box to the post office today.

10.  I’ve been sending boxes overseas for many years and have no problem filling out the proper paper work, except today, I filled out the wrong page of the customs form.  Really.  The wrong page.  Then I realized I forgot to tape the bottom of the box.  And then I dropped my credit card and nearly left it behind.

See, this is like that book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day.  Sure,  I didn’t go to sleep with gum in my mouth and wake up with it in my hair, but I did ruin three separate baked goods, bruise my foot and make a total fool of myself at the post office.

Some days are like that, I suppose.

Even in Australia  Alexandria.


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    • I hate that they only give you four or five lines. I’ve gotten lax about how detailed I am when writing things down. It’s impossible to itemize an entire box of stuff in four lines. The post office makes me all stabby. 🙂


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