A Box of Thanks

After a weekend of baking failures and successes (?) I managed to ship off a GIANT (and heavy) box of baked goods and treats for Craig’s troops.  It was quite an ordeal.  And besides the part where things collapsed or burned, and despite how dirty my kitchen was, I had a good time.  It’s nice to think and plan and shop and create.  I needed the distraction.

After my tragic collapsing Nutella Swirl Pound Cake debacle, I opted to make a simple vanilla pound cake, instead.

It may not be perfect, BUT, it didn’t collapse, so I consider this pound cake a success.

Nestle’s baking website offers a few different tried and true recipes that ship well to foreign lands, so I used their double chocolate brownie recipe.  ‘Cept I had to doctor it up a little bit with some of Caroline’s excessive Halloween Snicker bar stash.

I just added a layer of the sliced up candy to the batter.  Can’t go wrong with a little caramel and nougat.  What is nougat?  Besides delicious, of course?

Next up, I made snickerdoodle biscotti (AFTER burning two batches of cake mix biscotti).   I wanted to include biscotti because it seems like it will ship well….and it’s SUPPOSED to be hard, therefore calming any fears about it arriving stale.

Also, biscotti goes well with coffee; Craig and his co workers all chipped in to buy a Keurig coffee maker, so I included the biscotti along with some coffee and hot chocolate K-Cups for their Keurig.

So far we have coffee, biscotti, brownies and pound cake.  But wait…there’s more.

According to a knowledgeable source, Rice Krispie treats are hit or miss; sometimes they arrive still fresh, but sometimes they’re stale.  Ever the optimist, (ha!) I’m choosing to believe they’ll make the trip safely; I made some with the pumpkin spice marshmallows I bought a few weeks ago.  I also, of course, doctored them up with white chooclate and sprinkles, because I cannot leave anything alone.  Chances are this was a faulty move on my part, but again, I’m choosing to believe they’ll arrive still fresh and tasty….and not a hot mess like my collapsed pound cake.

Even if they do arrive stale, at least they’re pretty.  And festive!

I may be on the verge of turning 35, but I still love sprinkles.  My friend Debbie’s three girls hate sprinkles.  I didn’t know that was even a possibility.  Wait, Craig doesn’t really like them, either.  Also?  He doesn’t like Rice Krispie treats.  Such an odd man.

I digress…..  Last but not least, I made cookies.  Oatmeal cinnamon chip.

And here’s where I raise the dork factor here at The Neurotic Housewife even higher.  I made autumnal themed labels for all the goodies.  Yes. I. Did.  I cut  apple, turkey, pumpkin and pear shapes out of card stock, glued bows on them and attached them to cut out leaves (which I had from a previous project a few years ago.)

This is for real.

Also, I had a bakery box with leaves glued on it (again, from a previous project), which I used to house the oatmeal cookies.

I told you I was a dork!  In fact, I wrote a note to the goodie box recipients assuring them that I’m NOT a dork for making autumnal themed labels.  Except, I totally am a dork and the note was all a big lie.

I probably went overboard with all the baked goods, ridiculous labels, coffee and candy (clearanced Dove pb/milk chocolate Promises for $1.12 a bag and leftover Halloween M&Ms), but those guys work really hard.  And also?  They have to put up with Craig every day.   Ha!

And for that reason alone, the least I can do is send them some cookies.


7 responses

  1. Everything looks so good!! Especially the tags! I need to step up my game.

    How’d you cut the snickers? Frozen? Room temperature?

    I hope your goodies safely arrive at their destination and are enjoyed by all!*

    • Thanks, Amy, I hope it all arrives safely, too. I think I went through an entire roll of waxed paper and about 15 ziploc bags to make sure it was all wrapped securely.

      The Snickers were room temperature. I thought about putting them in the fridge for a bit, but they sliced pretty easily. Reese’s cups I always chill first. Last year Caroline had a surplus of Reese’s so I used those in some sort of baked good.

  2. You may be a dork, but you’re an excellent baker. Plus, you have nice penmanship.
    Ha! That word just made me laugh.
    Maybe year 35 will bring you great purpose and pleasure and interesting things with which to stimulate your mind (Did you note the proper grammer?) and less fretting and futzing and wringing of hands.
    But then The Neurotic Housewife wouldn’t be as much fun to read.
    (What did your mother do to you?)

    • Yes you have excellent grammar. ‘Cept I don’t think you can claim to have proper grammar when you spell grammar incorrectly. But I’ll let it pass. Because I certainly make my fair share of oopsies, too. Which, I’M SURE is your fault. I hope to find great purpose and pleasure with which to stimulate my sad little mind, too.

      But, if I don’t, maybe I’ll finally learn to apply eye shadow in an attractive manner.

      I’ll settle for that.

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