Box of Thanks: Success

Whew!  The box of goodies I sent to Craig and his troops last week arrived safely on Saturday.  They enjoyed everything I made and have already put in a request for more.

Double whew!

Edited to add:  Ugh, that last bit sounds totally smug.  My apologies.

Since I hate putting my name on sub-par baked goods, I’m so very pleased that everything was still tasty after being packed in a box for a week.  I love the United States Postal Service and all, but they’re not exactly known for their gentle treatment of boxes and such.  I only wish it hadn’t taken me so long to do this.  I suppose in this sense, it’s a good thing Craig and company still have many, many months left in Afghanistan.  I foresee several more boxes of baked goods being sent their way.

In other news, I have nothing to report.

It’s raining.  I’m having a terrible hair day.  I forgot to put the garbage and recycling out last night.  Because it was raining.

I bought the last of my Thanksgiving ingredients and do not intend to enter a grocery store at all tomorrow.  Probably not even if my life depended on it.

And that is all.



4 responses

    • Two weeks!? Yikes. From what I’ve learned from my friendly neighborhood post man, all boxes with an APO address are shipped from New York….do you use the 09354 ZIP code?……so since I’m closer to NY, perhaps that’s why our boxes get there faster. Every time I’ve sent something it has arrived in less than a week. I guess that’s good with something as time sensitive as baked goods. 🙂


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