Black Friday, Black Friday

Ugh.  Whoever was in charge of producing that Kohl’s commercial with that Black Friday song should be fired.  And then banned from making any more commercials for the rest of eternity.

Did you all have a good Thanksgiving?  I sure did.  Lots of food, plenty of laughter, an odd ball guest (!) and a whole lot of cowboy boots.   I mentioned before that my friend Mandy’s husband is the platoon leader of the caisson division of the Old Guard.  He and his crew work with horses all day and while at the barn, they dress less like soldiers and more like cowboys.  Many of their Thanksgiving guests were co workers, who, naturally, wore their Wranglers and boots.  Had I known there was a ‘cowboy casual’ dress code, I would have worn my boots.   ‘Cept I don’t have any boots.  I wear flip flops and running shoes.  And jeans from Kohl’s.  And I do not have a belt buckle with my name on it.


So, I failed on the cowgirl front, but I had a great time, anyway.

Yesterday, I continued my Black Friday tradition  of avoiding Black Friday at all costs. Not only did I not set foot in a store, I also did not set foot outside.  I did go in to the garage to unearth my Christmas decorations, but that is as close as I got to the great outdoors.  I kind of like it that way.  Back in the day, I liked to join the hectic crowds on Black Friday, but now that I’m older and not that interested in $10 pajama sets, $5 hand held electric mixers and lines wrapped around the store, I’d rather not.  Besides, Caroline isn’t a big fan of shopping; dragging her along would be pure torture for all parties.  It was in my best interest to stay home, continue to digest the large amount of carbohydrates I consumed on Thanksgiving, and make room for my Christmas tree.

Also?  What is with all these ‘doorbuster’ deals.  Every store has them.  I hate the term ‘doorbuster.’  Macys, Old Navy, Micheals, Home Depot….even the grocery store.  Doorbuster, doorbuster, doorbuster.  Ack!

I actually have to go out sometime this weekend because Caroline needs new shoes for basketball season, but I’m waiting until Sunday.  Hopefully all the crazies will be finished by then.

I fully intend to do most of my shopping online this year.  I’m working had to earn enough points on my Visa card to earn a new camera lens.   Is that the spirit, or what?

Nothing says Merry Christmas like buying things for others so you can earn points to buy things for yourself.


4 responses

  1. Do you know about the concept of “tipping point”? It’s like the point when something goes from quirky to full-on fad. It can be positive or negative.
    Well, I think last year was the tipping point for Black Friday. It used to be “black” Friday, and that was my favorite news story of the year–all the crazy shoppers. But this year it was BLACK FRIDAY, the holiday itself, the focus. It made me sad. They ruined my favorite news story.
    But in cheerier news….you can earn valuable points by buying me a new wok!

    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. I Little Green Machined my carpets, then changed a plug in the bathroom (under supervision, of course), then we went to the Mission Inn. Best food item…….the fresh pineapple. The other stuff was Very Delish, but my mind keeps going back to the pineapple. One year it was the butter, one year it was the smoked salmon. Oh yeah–they had plain sweet potatoes that were really good and honey glazed carrots. Oh yeah. Who needs dessert.

    • I know what you mean; Black Friday is now its own holiday which is all kinds of sad..
      Glad you ate pineapple. You can get that any time of year, you know. Not just on Thanksgiving. Also, there is lots of pineapple in Hawaii. I’m just sayin’…..

  2. Now that you mention it, I really want a belt buckle with my name on it! I don’t have any belts though. Oh well.

    I’m glad you had a good Thanksgiving and that you steered clear if the black Friday crazies. Crowds make me skeeve, so I stayed away from all stores everywhere.*


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