A Case of the Sads

I’m such a Charlie Brown.  I love Christmastime (wait, is that one word, or two?).   I love my tree and all the lights and the 24/7 Christmas music and baking minty and gingerbready things.  I love it all.   But for some reason, I feel so depressed at the same time.

It’s like when you go to Disney World and half way through the day you start to feel sad because soon it’ll be time to go home and the fun will end.

Christmas is like that.  The days leading up to it are magical, but the days directly after are sad and empty.

Also? I have post-race let down.  This happens every time I  face a race drought in my calendar.  The pages of my calendar are blank; no races to speak of until March.    I have nothing to look forward to and nothing in the immediate future to train for.  It’s harder to be motivated when a date on a calendar isn’t hovering over you.  In my post-race let down state of emptiness yesterday, I threw my name in to the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler lottery.  Caroline and I ran the 5k last year, but she’s not as big a fan of racing as I am, so this time I opted for the longer run.  I’ll find out next week if I’m in.

I hope so.

Our time in the DC area is limited and I want to take full advantage of all the fun racing options it has to offer.

Not that racing along the Pacific Ocean will be a terrible alternative.

In other news, I became one of THOSE parents last night.  You know, the type who usurps control of his/her child’s school project.  The type we all vow to never become.  Last night Caroline handed me a note from her math teacher; they’re making a holiday math tree and each child is to provide a math related ornament for the holiday tree.  I was kind of annoyed at first, because it seems like we’re being inundated with school related junk this week, but once I got thinking, I got a bit more excited.  I excel at ornaments.  Math, notsomuch.  But, ornaments, yes!

I asked Caroline what her idea was and she said something about using a clear plastic bulb and writing numbers on it.

I was ready to go with it, but then I decided we should make a pi ornament.  I grabbed my felt and cut out a pie shape, including a lattice top.  We still need to glue it all together and add a dollop of whipped cream and a pi sign embellishment, but so far it’s turning out pretty cute.  I’ll be sure to take a picture of the finished product.  In a way, I felt bad for taking over the project, but I think Caroline was kind of relieved.

It’s not graded, so I suppose it’s okay if our ornament is heavy on the parental influence.

What can I say?  I like pie pi.


4 responses

  1. Ha ha! Reading about the ornament made me think about the “busy work” homework I got as a kid. My mom would do some of it for me if I had other stuff going on (seriously, who gives word search puzzles as homework?). She said if they weren’t graded, it wasn’t a big deal. I’m also pretty convinced that every science project I ever was assigned in middle school my dad really did.

    Here’s hoping we both get into the Cherry Blossom 10 miler!

    • We also have to make a fabric covered notebook for Colonial Day; I made the cover too tight, so it doesn’t close all the way. I asked Caroline if she’s getting graded on it; she says she doesn’t think so, but in case she is, we’re letting it flatten under a box of Capri Sun juice pouches! I dread the science project days!

      Yes, I hope we both get in. I want that $12 medal!

      I’m also planning to do the GW Parkway Classic…sign ups are soon, but I”m not sure of the actual day. The race is April 22nd. My friend’s husband (an Air Force guy) is starting to run more and he wants a good race to run, so I suggested that one.

  2. OMG! Pi! I love it!

    I’d go bananas with no races for that amount of time. (March is like 3 months away!) Is the racing scene not happening this time of year? I noticed that there are no good races around here in February. that’s probably bc February in Texas majorly sucks.*


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