Grease Monkey Woes

I’m getting kind of tired of having to jump Craig’s car battery.  It died again.  I jumped it again.  If the battery doesn’t hold its charge, I’ll bring it in for service and I’m sure they’ll pat my head and condescendingly tell me it’s something stupid like a loose battery cable.


This has been one heck of a week; it’s Thursday but I cannot even remember what happened this week.  Except, I do remember a lot rain and stepping in a puddle last night at basketball practice.  I’ve been busying myself getting Christmasy things purchased to be shipped out to faraway lands on Monday.  Since Craig’s troops enjoyed my first box of  baked offerings and requested more ( including zucchini and pumpkin bread), I shall give them what they want.

I’m looking forward to baking up a storm this weekend, but first I must bake several dozen mini corn muffins and ginger snaps for tomorrow’s Colonial Day festivities at Caroline’s school.  Evidently this  annual celebration is quite the big deal; plans were hashed out weeks ago, numerous emails have been sent and the whole fourth grade is focused solely on Colonial Day.  The kids will make butter, candles and pomanders (oranges studded with cloves).  They’ll dance and wear costumes.  They’ll feast and sit at festively decorated tables.  Of course, they’ll feast on chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes, but they are fourth graders after all.

I think I have to be at the school all day tomorrow.  It’ll be fun, but tiring, I’m sure.  Knowing how involved and FUN this day can be, I volunteered without reservation, however I did include one condition:  I won’t wear a costume.

My friend Debbie has a colonial costume; she’s more than welcome to wear it.  But me?

Yeah, I don’t do costumes.



6 responses

    • They sent home a recipe. The kids are having a Colonial Museum and they all had to volunteer to make something. Caroline, being the over achiever she is, volunteered for me to make ginger snaps and a fabric covered journal. The instructions for the journal said to not pull the fabric too tight or it may not close properly. Aaaaannd….I pulled the fabric too tight and it does not close properly. Hopefully the cookies are more successful.

      Yes, you are a remarkable role model. Um, yeah. Sure. 😉

  1. Colonial day sounds so fun! It reminds me of when I was in 8th grade and we had our own continental congress. I got to be the delegate from New Jersey, which I considered awesome. We had watched the movie 1776, and that guy abstained from everything, and we all considered it quite comical. I hope y’all have fun and that it’s not a total beating!*

    • I suspect it will be lots of fun…and they really make a big deal out of it. The fifth graders do medieval day in the spring, which is also quite an ordeal. I actually ordered Caroline a colonial girl costume over the summer because I knew she’d need it, and I don’t sew. I’ll be sure to let you know if I survive.

      New Jersey represent. 😉


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