True Love

You know I must REALLY love Craig and his troops if I’m willing to let my kitchen look like this:

For the past two days I’ve done nothing but bake, sweep the floor and wash dishes.  My hands are cracked, my floors have seen better days, but my house smells really good.   I only had one disaster, the zucchini bread, which is a big bummer as it was a request from one of the troops.  I’ll try the zucchini bread again with another treat box; hopefully my other offerings will make up for its absence.

I’ll share some more pictures tomorrow, but right now I can barely stomach the thought of anything buttery and/or sugary.  I never thought I’d see the day where I turned my nose up at something sweet, but at this moment, even though I only nibbled here and there, I’m so over sweets.

Somebody give this girl a salad.

I will leave you with one picture, because these pumpkin biscotti with caramel drizzle are really quite photogenic.

Too bad they didn’t make it in to the goodie box.

But, that’s a story for a different day.

Caroline and I have a date tonight; we’re going to dinner and to see a Christmas concert called The Story Tour.  She chose The Olive Garden, so that’s where we shall dine.  Even though there are about a zillion places I’d rather go.  Caroline needs her pasta.  And bread sticks.  She informed me that she is going to eat a million of them tonight.

Hey, maybe I’ll do the same.  So long as they’re not coated in sugar, I just might do that.


2 responses

  1. That biscotti looks really good! (and I don’t even think that I like biscotti!) I know the soliders will be very happy with your offerings. I was just thinking that I need to whip up some treats for my husband. Maybe I can steal some of your ideas!*

  2. Biscotti is good….if you don’t mind risking breaking a tooth, that is. That’s what makes it perfect for shipping: it’s supposed to be crunchy. I ended up not including that biscotti
    because the caramel was too sticky and it stuck to the wrappers, which totally messed with my OCD. I should have known, but I really thought the caramel would harden.

    As usual, I made too much, but I like variety. I’ll post what I made tomorrow. 🙂


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