I’m in a decorating-with-Christmas-balls phase.

It started last year with some Christmas ball filled vases  and has carried on to this year.  I think I may have some sort of addiction.


Dollar store Christmas balls plus ribbon (which we all know I have plenty of) hung from my dining room chandelier.  The chandelier is of the plain and ordinary (with brass finish!)contractor grade variety, so I excluded it from the picture.  There really isn’t anyway to make it look attractive.  The beauty of renting is that all we need to do is make phone call when the roof starts leaking, but the downside is we can’t do anything to fix or replace unsightly fixtures.

I can’t replace the chandelier or even paint it black, instead, I hung Christmas balls from it.

I really love ribbon.


I hope they have Michaels in Hawaii.  I remember going to a craft store, but I don’t think it was Michaels.

This is my Christmas ball garland.  Small balls strung on a long piece of ribbon.  Duh.

Super simple.

I wanted to make it longer, but I stopped myself from buying more Christmas balls; otherwise the checkout lady at the Dollar Tree might start to wonder about me.  Also, I have a feeling something as delicate as a Christmas ball garland might not appreciate (or survive) the long trip to Hawaii.  I may just chuck this garland and start fresh next year.  I hope they have a Dollar Tree in Hawaii.

I’m still not over the lack of Dunkin Donuts I’m facing once we leave the mainland; I’m not sure I could do without Michaels and the Dollar Tree, too.


Because I love to carry a theme way too far, I also have Christmas balls embellishing the greenery draped over my fireplace.  I do not have a picture to show because our fireplace is in the dungeon-like lowest level of our townhouse.  The one window in the room does nothing in the way of natural lighting and to make matters worse, it was overcast when I tried to take a picture.  I tried using the flash, but it only yielded disastrous results.   And yes, I’m usually this dramatic when retelling my photography woes.

Anyhow, our halls are decked with Christmas balls and that’s pretty much all that is new around here.

Oh, except Craig’s car wouldn’t start again so I had it towed to the service shop again.  I honestly, really and truly hope something is wrong with it so they can FIX IT.  Otherwise I fear I might *fix it* myself.  With a broomstick.


4 responses

  1. Nice balls…all of them. (What was that from? Square Pegs? My Sister Sam?)

    If Jesus really loves you there will be a Michaels in Hawaii. Just sayin….


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