A Slice of Pi

Remember how I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I, er, Caroline needed to make a math ornament for the math tree in her smarty pants math class at school?

It turned out pretty cute, don’t you think?

I did the cutting, the lattice work and the gluing, but I did have Caroline cut out the whipped cream (unsupervised!)  and write the pi sign, you know, so it didn’t look like I did all of the work.

I asked Caroline what kind of ornaments the other kids brought, you know, to see how we I measured up and she said a lot of them brought in 3-D figures and origami.  I don’t know much about 3-D figures or origami (or math, for that matter), but I’m pretty decent with a glue gun and felt; I guess we’re keeping it old school around here.  Felt may not be exciting or three-dimensional but it’s oddly comforting.  I think it must remind me of childhood, or something.  Particularly the felt story boards in Sunday school.  Does anyone else remember those?  Or am I dating myself?

In other news, I’ve had a rather uneventful weekend.  Besides finding a strand of those hard to find white lights at Bed Bath and Beyond, thus making my life complete, and cleaning my house on Saturday, I haven’t done a whole lot of anything.  I did do a little baking today and I went to Walmart at 8:30 am to buy Caroline some socks,  but that’s about it.  Caroline had plenty of fun, though.  She went to a sleepover last night at her friend, Emily’s house, and then went ice skating and to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate  Emily’s 12th birthday.    I had  an evening all to myself, sans my Chatty Cathy roommate, which was kind of nice and quiet and peaceful, but I didn’t sleep well at all.  Usually I sleep poorly on the weekends because Chatty Cathy turns in to Roll Around Roberta when she sleeps in my bed; it’s kind of hard to sleep well when your kid’s foot is pressed against your back and she’s breathing on the back of your neck.  Since Craig has been gone, it’s become standard operating procedure for Caroline to take command of my bed on the weekends; I usually end up in the guest room because she’s quite the mattress tyrant.  I was looking forward to a peaceful night of uninterrupted sleep last night, but it didn’t happen.  My mind was racing  and I never really settled in to a restful sleep.

I hope dark under eye circles are fashionable in 2012 because I’m already sporting them.

The kids have four days of school left before Winter Break begins.  They’re  itching for time off and I’m praying these next four days go really slowly.  Ha!    I’m done Christmas shopping (my list was really short this year) with the exception of teacher gifts, which I’ll get on Tuesday.  I’m opting to go the gift card route because it’s just easy and I’m kind of lazy and I don’t want to think of anything else to give them.  Besides, who doesn’t love a gift card?

And so this concludes my really pathetic weekend update.

I’ll be back tomorrow with pictures of some pretty baked goods.  Today’s theme was mint.

2 responses

  1. Thanks! Hooray for simple crafts! I kind of messed up the crimped crust part, but Caroline didn’t notice and even if she had, she doesn’t care enough about these things to be bothered by it. She’s a girl who simply cannot be bothered by details.


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