Quick Shipping

The ornament I ordered for Caroline on Wednesday morning arrived this afternoon.  I didn’t expect for it to arrive until after Christmas; I suppose I should have a little more faith in the United States Postal Service.



It’s cute, huh?

And it looks great next to my other newly acquired ornament.

It’s been a ho-hum day so far.  After attempting to drive to Michael’s yesterday (for things I absolutely did not need) and getting stuck in a ridiculously long traffic jam,  I did a U-Turn, drove home and vowed to stay out of the stores until after Christmas. Since I’m banned from shopping, I haven’t done a whole lot of anything today.  I  did, however, clean chocolate smears off of our storm door and vacuumed up a million fallen oyster crackers.  By that sentence you’d think I had toddlers at home; nope just a messy nearly ten year old and her equally messy friends.

I kind of wish I had something more cheerful and festive to report, but I fear this Christmas season hasn’t been the most cheerful or festive.  I’ve tried to create a cheerful and festive environment with decorations and baked goods galore, however, by the end of the day I simply feel gross from overindulging in all of the festiveness I’ve created.  I’m kind of over chocolate right now.  Until tomorrow, that is.

And on that pathetic note, I’ll end this depressing blog post.  I hope with all my heart you are having a more cheerful and festive Christmas Eve eve than I am.


Or, whatever.  😉



4 responses

  1. The ornament is adorable! I’m hear you when it comes to crazy traffic. There is a Target really close to where I live, but I could probably walk there faster than driving there because the crowds are so horrific. I skeeve just thinking about it. I hate crowds!*

    • I hate crowds, too. In general, I don’t shop on the weekends around here because of crowds and traffic, but during the holidays, I avoid it like the plague. I feel like a hermit sometimes.

  2. I love Caroline’s ornament. What a great way to commemorate getting glasses! I am also loving your coffee ornaments this year, Starbucks and Dunkin’ you know the way to my overly caffeinated heart.


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