Adventures in Gingerbread

Caroline and I made a gingerbread house!



Whaddya think?  Are we naturals, or what?

And by ‘natural’ I mean, aren’t I a natural at finding pretty pictures on Google Images?

In all honesty, this is what our gingerbread house looks like.


Steady hands and skill with a piping bag are both highly over rated.


As is solid construction.



Royal icing is like cement, so we took the more-is-better approach to our gingerbread house construction.



By the looks of our house, the more-is-better approach is definitely debatable, however, it was still standing this morning, which, after one collapse last night, I consider a huge success.

I worked my ‘magic’ on the house construction, but let Caroline and her friends do the decorating.



Sure, we won’t be winning any awards for our creation, but  if the number of sprinkles I swept up is any indication of the amount of fun the girls had, then it’s safe to assume they had the time of their lives.

Tis the season to be covered in icing!



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