Caroline and I made it home safely last night.  We had a great time visiting with my sister and my friend, Sissy, whom I’ve known for 20 years.  We actually boo hooed a little about the fact that we’ve known each other for 20 years.   Anyway, after a few hitches, to include flat tires, closed rental car offices and traffic, we had FUN.

Sadly I didn’t take a single picture, even though I brought my camera.  What kind of blogger/parent am I?  I take that back, I did take one picture…a picture of the ridiculous truck I was given to drive after returning the dinky, donut tire sporting car I was originally given.


It was the only vehicle available and after frantically scrambling  on Monday morning to find an open Enterprise rental car facility, I took it.  It’s cute, right?  If I have to drive a truck, it might as well be turquoise.  Or whatever color you might call that.

It took a bit of time for me to get comfortable driving something way bigger than I am accustomed to, but I got the hang of it.  As it turns out, it was a great turn of events because we drove to Asheville on Tuesday and I’m not sure that dinky little Chevy would have appreciated chugging up the mountains.

Monday was a little stressful and I did tell Caroline in no uncertain terms that we were NEVER GOING ANYWHERE AGAIN and if someone wants to see us, they need to COME TO US.  I was a wee bit stressed, but after we arrived in Charlotte, I quickly forgot all about the flat tire and derailed plans.

Instead of recounting every single event of the trip I’ll just tell you a few things we discovered:

1.  Murphy’s Law is no joke.

2.  Chevy Colorado trucks guzzle gas as quickly as I guzzle Diet Pepsi

3.  Hippy vegetarian/vegan food in Asheville is awesome.  I devoured a tempeh reuben sandwich at Rosetta’s Kitchen and it was divine.

4.  Sea salt belongs on chocolate covered caramel as well as on chocolate pot de creme.

5.  Wawa is the best convenience store ever.  Sheetz is next.

6.  You can’t always trust Siri on your sister’s iPhone.  Sometimes Siri tells you to drive the wrong way.  Or perhaps that’s simply operator error?

7.  That fancy McDonald’s in Asheville near the Biltmore Estate isn’t as opulent as they claim.  It’s still McDonald’s.

8.  Patchouli makes me sneeze.


In other news, today is Operation:  Get Your Life in Order Day.  I generally claim every day as such, but today I’m serious.  Um, yeah.   It’s time to take down the Christmas decorations and tackle my rather large pile of laundry.  Time to declutter and organize.  I’m also now fixated on finding a down comforter and duvet for my bed.  Oh, and a cover for my new Kindle Fire (thanks, Craig and Caroline!).  I suppose some online shopping is in order today, too.  Good thing it’s not Operation:  Leave Your Credit Card Alone Day.

Time to get shopping moving.


9 responses

  1. I too received a Kindle Fire, let me know where you find your case it at! Welcome back!! As to the comforter, you must share good deals on that as well, it is on my buy list over the next month or so. Happy organizing!!

  2. I am going to have to say I disagree with your thoughts on Sheetz. But I still like you. 😉 I am de-Christmas-ing (what kind of word is that?!) today too. I’m sad already for how empty my house is going to look.

  3. That truck is huge! Is it a douly? I have heard such good things about the food scene in Asheville. I guess it is time for me to add that to my must visit list.

    I’m glad that the initial bumps in the road didn’t ruin your whole trip!*

    • Ha, not a douly. I don’t think I could even attempt to handle one of those. I’m such a car wimp. Asheville is really great….lots of veggie food. My sister had a vegan ‘chicken’ salad sandwich, which was really good. How they make tofu taste like chicken is kind of crazy.

  4. I’m so glad you came to visit and enjoyed my first attempt at Pots de Creme. They were de-li-cious and we are still eating the last of them. And I’m happy I introduced you to the fluffy white down comforter/white duvet cover combo. Makes for such a comfortable bed!

    • Yes, it’s ALL YOUR FAULT. Now I’m fixated on finding one. So, thanks for that. Thanks a bunch. 😉
      I popped into Kohl’s yesterday and they have a bunch on sale. I’ll probably go for a lighter weight because we’re moving to Hawaii and chilly winter nights are unheard of. Also, I have messy roommates and will probably get a duvet cover that isn’t white (something in the brown family….tan, cocoa, mocha, latte, cappuccino?) because if we had a white one, I’d spend half my life saying ‘get your dirty body off my bed’ which isn’t the most pleasant thing ever. Also, we have painted walls now, which looks good with plain white bedding, but if we’re in military housing in Hawaii, the standard paint color is in the white/off white family, which would be pretty drab with an all white bed.

      You’ve created a monster, my friend.

      Enjoy those smoothies!!

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