Great News

So, on Friday, when I supposed to be getting my life in order on  “Operation:  Get Your Life In Order Day”, I took a bit of a detour.  Because, let’s face it, trying to get your life in order isn’t much fun; it requires hard work and manual labor.  And ungluing yourself from your bursting Google Reader and the addicting Fruit Ninja game.  Getting your life in order is especially unfun when you have Christmas decorations to put away and a pile of vacation laundry to tackle.  Oh, and also, we hosted a sleepover on Thursday night.  Yes, the night we returned from our trip.  So I had tons of laundry, Christmas decorations to put away and two extra children and their accompanying blankets, pillows, clothing and junk to deal with.  Instead of getting down to business, I took the girls to Michaels and the Dollar Tree.

Because nothing says get your life in order better than buying 70% off Christmas stuff you don’t need.

I can’t really remember what a bought, but none of that matters, really.  No amount of clearanced priced tissue paper and glittery Christmas baubles could ever compare to the news I received while shopping at Micheals.  In fact, I’d venture to say it was the best present this year (minus the Kindle Fire…aka the Fruit Ninja playing device….. Craig and Caroline gave me).  So,  as I stood at the checkout counter, paying for the useless junk I had piled in my cart, I chit chatted with the woman working behind the counter.  As it so happens, she is a native Hawaiian, who just moved to this area sometime this year.  I told her that I was bummed that Hawaii doesn’t have a Michaels and she said they’re working on getting one there; I also told her how sad I am that I won’t be able to drink Dunkin Donuts iced coffee for the three years we’ll be living on Oahu.  But get this……she told me they have Dunkin Donuts now.

Hallelujah!  Let the angels rejoice.

There really is a Santa Claus.

I haven’t done any research to back up her claim, but since she’s native to Hawaii and has lived there as recently as 2011, it would be dumb to not believe her.

Also, I don’t want to even entertain the notion that she could have given me faulty information.

In other news, it’s cold and windy today.  It’s annoying and unpleasant to have chilly wind whipping around and messing up my hair, but I’m excited to have some actual wintry, sweater wearing weather.  It won’t be long before my sweaters are packed away for a few years, so bring on the snow!   Well, bring on the snow, but not so that it interferes with Craig’s impending mid-tour leave and our trip to Great Wolf Lodge to celebrate Caroline’s 10th birthday.

In more other news, Alison needs grammar lessons and a new segue  sometimes I wish I had a private blog so I could emote and/or gripe about people and things without the people or things (?) knowing about it.  Sometimes a girl just needs to gripe.  And emote.  It would be nice to say whatever I’m thinking without having to edit myself or wonder if little eyes will read something they shouldn’t.  I suppose I could write in a journal with a pen and real paper, but that would require too much work.  Typing is so much easier.

Oh, and don’t worry mom, I don’t want to gripe about you.  Ha!

I’m just feeling the need to unload.

But, I won’t.   I’ll go drink some tea, instead.  And remind Caroline to do her homework for the 89th time since we arrived home from school.


4 responses

    • Good idea. OR, I could just get over it. But, that would be the adult thing to do. It’s stupid, anyway. But also, it’s hard to vent about parenting trials when your kid reads your blog.

      I suppose it’s doing everyone else a favor, though. I mean, who wants to hear me whine even more?

      My down comforter shipped drom today. I’m so excited. Don’t know about the duvet, though. I ordered it from I best be checking on dat.

  1. I saw a Dunkin Donuts commercial today and thought of you! I’m so glad that they have it in Hawaii. Creature comforts are important. I don’t think I could survive without Taco Bell!*

    • I haven’t had Taco Bell in YEARS. Honestly, I think the last time I had it, we lived in Hawaii. And, we left Hawaii 11 years ago. What’s wrong with me? I love bean burritos! Do they have Taco Bell in Germany?


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