Yarn Wreath




I think it turned out really well.



I just hope the flowers stay on.

Each one is hot glued AND pinned (some are double pinned).  I trust the metal pins are impervious to the scorching sun, but what do I know?  Not much, that’s what.  Just the other night Caroline totally schooled me in math.  She asked for my help and ended up answering the question herself all the while making me look a fool.  Like that’s hard to do.

That’ll teach her to ask me for help ever again.

I may not get fifth grade math, but I think I kind of get yarn wreath making.



I already have plans for a smaller Valentine’s Day inspired wreath; I think I may have unleashed a yarn wreath making monster.



At least felt roses don’t die.

Of course, I didn’t exactly think fake fall leaves could die and we all know that thought was proven wrong.


I’ll be sure to let you know how the wreath handles our front door’s scorching sun rays of doom and sadness.


Happy Saturday!


7 responses

  1. Yes, the wreath is gorgeous. Makes me want to switch craft projects. I have your tutorial link above in case I decide it’s not too much trouble. Good job, Alison!


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