Soup Day

It’s snowing!

I didn’t take a picture, because I’m lazy, but most of you know what snow looks like, right?

In case you’re unsure, here’s a picture from Snow-tober.


It looks the same out there now, except those trees with all the leaves on them are now bare.

The kids are all outside having a ‘snow party’ which is pretty cute.  Normally I’m not a big fan of Monday half days (for obvious reasons) but it’s a really neat treat for them to enjoy this afternoon snowfall; if they were in school, they would have been more  focused on watching the snow fall through the classroom window than on their school work.

I’m happy to stay inside and not have a snow party.  I think I’ll drink some tea and make some soup.  It’s definitely a soup day.


In other news, I know have a very dressed up Kindle Fire.


Isn’t it cute?



I love the button.

I bought this on Etsy (it was on sale for $10) and am so happy with it.  Now I can chuck the Kindle in my purse and not worry about the screen getting all scratched up.

Okay, time to make some tea!




2 responses

    • Ha! I CANNOT sew. I try to sew on buttons, but they always look horrible. My mom sews and I never bothered to learn. That wasn’t very smart on my part.

      My friend makes adorable mittens out of wool sweaters, which she sells at craft shows and on Etsy. She was looking at my kindle case the other day, wondering if she could make them and sell them.

      I would like to learn to knit so I can make scarves. ‘Cept I’m not sure how many scarves I’ll be wearing in Hawaii. Perhaps I’ll take up surfing, instead?



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