Why Mess With A Good Thing?

I hate change.  Like really, totally and unashamedly hate change.

I don’t like my routine to get messed up.  I don’t like when people take my spot at the gym.  I don’t like when tv networks shuffle around shows and time slots.  One day you’re watching The Gilmore Girls every day at 5pm on ABC Family and the next minute, they’re playing that horrible Secret Life of the American Teenager show.  I mean, really?  How cruel is that?

Over the years I’ve learned that things change whether I like it or not.  Mostly I don’t like it and I may kick and scream a whole lot, but in the end, I come around.

However, I do declare I’ve reached my boiling point.  For I cannot accept for one minute that the makers of the Necco brand conversation hearts have changed things up.  And, if they have, then they’re foolishly messing with the wrong candy lover.

These are my favorite conversation hearts.  I look forward to the little pink boxes of crunchy, sugary goodness every Valentine’s day.  I may not be a romantic; I may eschew fancy gifts; I may gag at the thought of a mushy card; I may threaten to wring Craig’s neck if he sends me pricey roses, but conversation hearts I can handle.

They’re my favorite.  Plain and simple.

I bought some today.  Four packs for a dollar at the Dollar Tree.  I went to the Dollar Tree for a lint brush, because my new duvet cover is a lint magnet, and came home with my favorite Valentine’s treat.

After lunch (have to eat your veggies first!) I happily ripped into a box of that familiar candy and discovered BLUE conversation hearts.




The original box doesn’t contain blue. White, green, pink, orange and lavender.


I tried a blue one.  Because it’s wrong to judge a candy by its color.  Besides, the blue conversation hearts could be really delicious and I didn’t want to miss out.  Yeah, it wasn’t delicious.  It was berry flavored or something.  I like berries and berry flavored things and in its own right, a blue conversation heart might be a winner, but when you’re expecting the old school conversation hearts,  which are NOT berry flavored, it was anything but a winner.  I should add that I was never opposed to the addition of the blue M&M, but that’s because the flavor wasn’t affected by a little blue food coloring.  Sadly, I cannot say the same for my beloved conversation hearts.

I hope in my heart of hearts that this was simply a mistake on my part.  Perhaps I grabbed the wrong kind?  I do remember the addition of more kid-friendly flavored conversation hearts over the past few years, but they were always sold side-by-side with the traditional conversation hearts.  This time, I didn’t see the traditional variety.  I assumed those were the traditional kind….because they were the only ones available.

I assumed wrongly.

I’ll have to look elsewhere.  I must keep hope alive.  I simply cannot accept that my favorite Valentine’s treat has been altered for ever.

Sorry new, but not improved, conversation hearts, I will not give you a high five.






4 responses

  1. I love your blog! I thought this was going to be about your upcoming move. Hahaha! You are so me. I also hate change. McCalister’s (idk if you’ve heard of it, it’s a deli) changed their taco salad. I now refuse to eat there. That’ll teach ’em!*

    • You go, Amy. You stick it to McCalisters. We actually went to a McCalister’s in Charlotte over Christmas. I ordered half a sandwich and salad and they brought me a bowl of chili. What up, McC’s?


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