The Story of My Sad, Pitiful Life

Acne face wash and anti-puff eye treatment.  Side by side.  Mocking me.

If I’m not mistaken, this is an example of juxtaposition, right?

If so, then juxtaposition sucks.

Despite my skin woes, I’m happy to report that I took the above picture with my new camera lens.

It’s a $400 lens, but when you combine the sale price with some gift card money and all of my credit card points, I only paid $3.08 for it.

$3.08 well spent, don’t you think?

I brought the new lens to Caroline’s basketball game this afternoon.  I didn’t capture any stellar pictures, but it was fun playing with the zoom.  It’s kind of crazy seeing the opposite side of the room so up close and personal.  The lighting in the gym was pretty bad, so the pictures aren’t great; I cannot wait to bring it out to the soccer field in the spring.  Maybe by then I’ll figure out how to not take blurry action shots.

I did, however, capture this gem.

Makin’ mama proud.

Also, I snapped this picture of Caroline making her first basket.

I told you I need to work on my action shots!

This is a little better, though.

At least most of her body is in this one.

Anyway, there isn’t much to report, as usual.  Thus the reason you were subjected to tales of my skin problems and pictures from the reject pile. I’m still not quite over my horrible hair cut, but I’m slowly figuring out how to style it so that I do not look like I have a helmet head.  The flat iron made an appearance today, which helped immensely.

The truth is, I got my  hair cut because we’re expecting a houseguest sometime this weekend.  Now, this particular houseguest doesn’t give one care about the state of my hair (just so long as I have some), but I haven’t seen said houseguest in many, many months and I figured it would be nice to look at least halfway decent upon our houseguest’s arrival.

Too bad Edward Scissorhands had different plans.

Don’t worry, I’ll get over it soon.  Just in time for me to find something new to obsess about!


4 responses

  1. I kind of like the picture with just her hands. Something about it seems very…symbolic. (I’m not sure that’s the word I’m looking for, but that’s the word I got.) And I’m jealous of your picture-taking skills. You’ve seen my blog so you know that I just rock my iphone. That’s about all that I can handle.*

    • I can’t figure out the camera function on my phone. I mean, I can take pictures, I think, but I don’t know what to do with them after. I guess I need an iphone.

      I suppose I can call the hand picture ‘artsy.’ In this case, artsy is a euphemism for mistake, but we don’t have to let anyone in on that little secret. 😉


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