Making It Official

It seems as though Craig is not ‘officially’ home until we make a trip to the running store.

We went yesterday, which now means he’s officially home.

Because nothing says ‘welcome home’ like dropping lots of cash on running shoes.

It’s never a pretty picture when we both need new shoes.  Also, it’s definitely not pretty when both  the sales woman and your husband convince you that you need TWO pairs of shoes.  Actually, I did (kinda, sorta, maybe?) need two pairs:  one for strictly running and another for cross training.

Check out these colorful kicks I got for cross training:

They’re kind of hideous, aren’t they?

I’m not typically a bright shoe color wearing person….and I’m definitely not a Nike girl…so it’s safe to say that these new shoes are quite a stretch for me.  I do kind of like the orange laces, though.

They may be slightly hideous, but they are comfortable.  I guess that’s what matters most.

In other news, Craig is sick with some sort of sinusy thing, which is not awesome.  Do you know what else isn’t awesome?  I took my car in for an oil change and the yearly state inspection and now we have to pay lots and lots and lots of money on repairs which were discovered during the inspection.

Not awesome.

Not awesome at all.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is more awesome than today.


3 responses

  1. I like the shoes! But my current shoes are neon blue and yellow, so that tells you what my taste is. Haha! Bum city about the car. You just can’t catch a break with that thing!*

    • I’ve noticed that colorful shoes are super popular right now. I must admit, I really do like the orange laces….and lots of people noticed them at the gym today. After four pairs of white/turquoise running shoes, it was time for something different.

      I’m kind of mad about the car thing, but it is almost seven years old, so I suppose it was bound to happen. We may not have car payments, but caring for a 12 year old and 7 year old car can be pretty costly. Blah.


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