Army Brat


We took Caroline to get her official Military ID card this afternoon.  Turning ten is a celebratory occasion for any kid, but to a military brat, turning ten means it’s time to get your own ID card.

It’s a pretty big deal.

She has been waiting for this day for a very long time.



We bought her a little holder for her ID card, in hopes that she won’t misplace, or even worse, lose it.

And then we celebrated with Starbucks.  Because every milestone in a young person’s life should be capped off with a cup of hot chocolate.

In other news, it’s been a busy few days, which explains my absence.  Hopefully I’ll be back to blogging on the regular, but that depends entirely on whether or not I can conjure up any worthwhile content.  Wish me luck!

Also, we had a really fun time at Great Wolf Lodge this weekend.  We faced a few bumps in the road, as usual, but in the end, we all had a good time.  It was definitely a fun (and different) way to celebrate Caroline’s birthday.    I took plenty of pictures, but unfortunately I’m not very happy with them.  I think it’s safe to say that action shots are not my forte.

Oh well.

Maybe I’ll share a few, anyway.

Aside from a killer cold Craig brought home with him, which he so kindly shared with me, R&R has been enjoyable.  Craig actually has to go to a local Air Force Base tomorrow and thursday to take part in a class (it’s kind of a long story why he has to do it during R&R, but that’s sort of the way the military works) and then he’ll have a few days to rest and relax before heading back overseas next week.

Time flies when you’re having fun.

And blowing your nose 32 times per hour!



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  1. Charlie wanted to pass on to Caroline his thanks for all the points she scored for him on Peggle! He keeps saying how much fun she was and that he enjoyed that she was low maintenance. Good job!

    • Ha! She was happy to help him! They don’t make peggle for Wii, which is a bummer, but she does have it on her iPod now. It’s not the same, though. Guess we’ll have to get one of those fancy machines you two have.



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