Three Things Thursday

Because three things is pretty much all I can muster right now.  Why yes, I did just pull the pathetic ‘I’m sick’ card.  Yes.  Yes, I did.

1.  I’m sick.

Craig brought with him one nasty virus.  I’m glad he feels comfortable enough to share everything with me, but had he chosen to NOT share his cold germs, I would have been okay with that.  I skipped the gym today because I figured it would be prudent to do so.  Too bad I didn’t think skipping Tuesday or Wednesday would have been prudent, as well, because I’m pretty sure if I had chosen to skip Tuesday or Wednesday, I probably wouldn’t be in the predicament I currently find myself in.   Which leads me to point number two….

2.  I’m stupid.

Rest is important and I never quite  grasp that fact until it’s too late.

As an aside, I’m starting to mildly panic because I have a half marathon on March 17th and I haven’t really run more than six miles in quite sometime, all of which have been on a treadmill.  This half course is slightly hilly and I REALLY need to get myself outside and running real roads and real hills.  I was hoping to do that today, but, because I’m stupid and did not rest earlier in the week, I’m currently out of commission.

3.  I’m brain dead.

Last night, as I was lying awake on the couch, coughing and cursing Craig for gifting me with this sickness, I decided I should make chili for tonight’s dinner.  I gathered the ingredients this morning, only to discover I was out of tomato sauce.  Which proved to be not so much of a big deal; since I’m home and not running like I should be, I decided to ride on over to the commissary after I dropped Caroline off at school to pick up some tomato sauce.  On the way out of our subdivision, I decided instead to go to Walmart because I also needed pins for a second Valentine themed yarn wreath I’m making.

Guess what I forgot to buy?


I did, however, buy the necessary tomato sauce and also some pineapple cream cheese (yum!) and new pillow cases, which were not on the list.  If I had made a list, that is.  For if I had been wise enough to make a list, I probably wouldn’t have forgotten the pins.

I’m a mess.  But that’s nothing new.

And now I shall drink some tea.





3 responses

  1. Oh no good, I hope you feel better soon! Funny you mention the yarn wreath, as I was driving the girls to school a lady has one on her front door and I thought of you! Get some rest so we can party Saturday night, ha ha~


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