Bare Wall


I have a bare wall situation.


I also have an ugly chandelier situation, but as a renter, I can’t do anything about it, so please just ignore the brass monstrosity, okay?

I haven’t always had a naked dining room wall; up until Saturday, I had a few prints arranged on the wall, but I never really loved the prints or the arrangement in which I had them placed.  It was all very lack luster.  Expected and inspiring.  After three and a half years, I just couldn’t take it anymore, so between coughing spells and time outs to grab a tissue, I took my pictures off the wall, patched up some nail holes and breathed a sigh of relief.  And then I probably sneezed and went in search of another tissue.  Ahem.

Stripping the wall bare was a bit of an impulsive move, but it felt good to get rid of something that bugged me so much.  Does sickness cause impulsivity?   The discarded prints are propped up in the corner of the dining room right now and at this point, I have no idea what I might do with them.  All I know is that I felt an immense feeling of relief when I took those boring, stale pictures down.   Of course, staring at the now blank wall has led me to discover that the soft shade of green (called Sweet Caroline), which isn’t accurately portrayed in the above pictures, our landlords used to paint our dining room is not the most appealing dining room paint color.  It would look wonderful in a little girls bedroom or perhaps a bathroom or a  sun room.  But a dining room?  It’s kind of off-putting, if you ask me; on the other hand, the coordinating apple green color, which covers most of the walls in our house, is quite eye appealing.   I’ve heard that dining rooms shouldn’t be blue, but now I think it should also be written that dining rooms shouldn’t be painted a pale yellowy-green, either.

As I find myself continually staring at my now barren wall, I’ve come up with a few ideas for new wall decorations.  It hasn’t kept me awake at night, yet, (the coughing has, though) but I would like to redecorate the wall sooner rather than later.

Look,  I even drew a diagram!


Can you tell I’m not an artist?

Anyway, my plan is to get three matching, clean lined black frames.  The middle one *could* be different from the outer two frames, to add a bit of visual excitement, but the two on the end must be the same.   symmetry, yo.   I want to flank an embellished ‘S’ (which will be framed around the empty picture frame) with two ‘framed’ hanging decorative plates on either side of it.  I’m pretty sure my friend has a frame around a hanging plate in her house, which obviously sparked my idea, but I’m not proud, so I’ll steal her creative notions all for myself.  🙂

The hanging ‘S’ idea comes from something I found on Pinterest the other day.  However, I’m woefully inept when it comes to doing things which require me to perform tasks involving the word ’embed’ so I’m unable to link to the picture at this time.  Basically, it’s a large letter ‘S’ made of mdf material which had holly berries glued all over the front.  Since holly berries are a bit too seasonal for an everyday dining room design, I’ll probably use some other sort of berry/ball/foliage/leaf.  Basically, whatever I can find on sale.  After you embellish the letter, you attach ribbon to it, to fashion a loop to use to hang from something.  And at this point, that something is to be determined at a later date.

As you can see by my terrible description and my even more terrible drawing,  I’m still in the planning stages.

Also?  This sudden inspiration couldn’t have come at a worse time because just a few days ago I pledged to go on a ‘Shopping Diet’ during the month of February.  I tend to hold back in February, not out of necessity, but out of a heartfelt desire to live a little less impulsively where money in concerned.  Shopping is my go-to when I’m feeling stressed or sad, which seems pretty often these days.  I know enough to admit that buying new towels and cups is fun, but they only provide a moment of satisfaction, leaving me feeling just as stressed or sad after I unload my purchases.   I do not doubt the efficacy of retail therapy, but even I know that it’s just a good idea to reel it in for a bit, every now and then.

I left myself a little budget for necessary things…..and perhaps some fun things, too.  I suppose this will make me work a bit harder to find the perfect purchases for my dining room wall.

I do love a challenge!


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  1. “Symmetry, so.” Hahaha! I always laugh out loud (literally) when I read your posts! I like the diagram. I can totally see it. I hope that your budget allows for the project because I’d love to see the results!*

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