Well, That Sucked

So, R&R is over.  Craig is on his way back to Afghanistan and we’re both trying to forget this two weeks ever happened.

It kinda sucked.

Not ALL of it sucked.  I mean, it was nice to see Craig’s face and Caroline enjoyed having her dad home for a bit, but considering the fact that one or both of us was sick for 14 of the 16 days he was home, it really did suck.  I should stop saying suck.  It’s not a nice word.  But you know what, it’s the only word I find to be a fitting description of our R&R.

On the bright side, we had fun at Great Wolf Lodge and I’m pretty sure Craig enjoyed sleeping in our comfy bed.  I really wouldn’t know, though.  Because I slept on the couch most nights.  That’s what happens when one of us is sick:  I sleep on the couch.  So, for two weeks I slept on the couch, except for the two nights at the Great Wolf Lodge where I slept in the bottom bunk of the bunk beds in our kid’s cabin room.  We coughed and took our temperatures and blew our noses and whined and lost our tempers.  Because it’s virtually impossible to remain in good spirits when you’re nursing yourself back to health from the Ebola virus, or whatever sickness we actually had.

Oh, and then my car needed $1890 worth of car repairs.  That REALLY sucked.

Again, it was nice to see Craig, but I know this is a two week period we’d both like to forget.  Although, forgetting it will be virtually impossible.   Mostly, I laugh at all that went wrong, because I’m not sure there is anything else to do but laugh.  Part of me is glad I can laugh about it; the other part is just plain sad.  And disappointed.

What gives?

I’ve been so cursed lately.

Travel plans going awry.  Flat tires.  Costly car repairs.

Who would have thought we’d spend the majority of R&R sick?

And, to top our horrible two weeks off, getting Craig to the airport yesterday was riddled with problems, as well.  We left with enough time to get him to the airport by 9am, but found as soon as we got on I-395 that traffic was going to be a nightmare.  According to the radio traffic lady, I-395 was backed up from the Springfield on ramp (where we were) all the way to the 14th Street Bridge in DC, with no reprieve in sight.  It took us forever to make it one mile, so I exited off of the freeway and opted for an alternate side-street route.  Our plan was working until we got near Old Town Alexandria, where traffic was moving at a snail’s pace.  Eventually, by 9:20, (remember, Craig needed to be at the airport at 9) we dropped him off at the nearest Metro station so he could take the train to the airport.  He ended up arriving at the airport in plenty of time and didn’t face any lengthy security lines, so it all worked out, but having to kick him out of the car at the Metro station wasn’t the best way to say goodbye.


I don’t really know what else to say.

I’m a realist and I didn’t exactly expect magic when Craig was home. However, I did kind of expect that we’d at least enjoy MOST of his days home.   I suppose we did enjoy things on some level, but it it’s hard to not feel a little let down by the whole thing.  I cried a lot on Monday.  I don’t usually cry, but I cried more on Monday than I’ve cried in a long time.  I think I cried mostly because I was not feeling well and I was worried about a whole host of things.  Some of the tears were related to the let down of a less than magical R&R, I’m sure.  Most of them, however, were probably because I’ve had to sleep on the couch for two weeks and I was just really tired.

But, today I laugh.  I laugh because it’s all you can do some times.

And, on the bright side, as Caroline said last night, “at least we don’t have to be quiet at night now that daddy’s not here and going to bed so early.”

What can I say?  We’re two wild and crazy party girls.  🙂


4 responses

  1. That does suck! Sorry his R&R wasn’t what you had imagined it would be. 😦 I don’t blame you at all for your crying on Monday. And sorry about the car repairs…yikes! Hope the rest of your week is smoother than the last two!

    • Thanks, Sarah. I hope things go more smoothly, too. The thing I hate most is I haven’t been able to workout this past week. I’m taking one more day to recover tomorrow and then it’s back to business. That rock n roll half is 7 weeks away and I haven’t run more than six miles in a LONG time. Time to get moving so I don’t die out there. There’s no hope for a PR this time.

  2. Poop sandwich. Sorry R&R is such a bust. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really glad I got to see my husband for those two weeks, but it definitely messes with your mind. I can see why they are switching to 9 month deployments with no R&R.

    I bet you needed to cry it out. Here’s to hoping that you are feeling better, get some runs in, and that things start looking up again soon. Hugs!*

    • Thanks, Amy. When I told Craig he could never come home for R&R again, he said no problem because there won’t be any R&R once the deployment length is changed. That works for me.

      I’m usually pretty resilient, so I’ll bounce back in no time. 🙂


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