Big Cookies

I made some ridiculously large chocolate chip cookies for a Super Bowl shin-dig yesterday.

They were ridiculously tasty, too.

Normally I do the back of the chocolate chip bag recipe, like the majority of the chocolate chip cookie baking population, but this recipe was a little different.  It called for melted butter and more brown sugar than granulated sugar, which yielded a chewier texture.  When it comes to cookies, I’m all about the chewy, and this recipe was a winner.

The batter spread a bit too much for my liking in the oven, but otherwise, they are definitely worth making again.

‘Cept I’ll only bake them if  1) I have somewhere to bring them and 2) there is zero chance that any will come home with us.  I tend to lose all self-control when in the presence of big, chewy cookies.  I practically had to give myself an intervention this afternoon before I went back for seconds.  A second cookie would have been awesome, but the post-second cookie self-flagellation would have been NOT awesome.

In other baking news, I baked for the bake sale table at Caroline’s school’s Basket Bingo Night last week.  I had one winner and one flop.  The story of my life.

The winner was an easy recipe I’ve seen floating around baking blog land for quite sometime.  It requires two ingredients:  boxed brownie mix and Hershey Symphony candy bars.

All you do is prepare the brownie mix, spread half in the baking pan, cover with broken pieces of the candy bars and top with the remaining brownie batter.

Bake, cool, slice.

I do not have any pictures of the finished brownies, but trust me when I say they’re delicious.   There is something magical about boxed brownie mix; I’ve made scratch brownies tons of times in many different variations, but the boxed kind are my favorite.  Amen.

And, as for my flop, I tried to make chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes:  yellow cupcakes with a piece of cookie dough baked in the middle, topped with a cookie dough buttercream frosting.

It started out well.

But the cookie dough sunk, the cupcake batter was greasy and separated from the cookie dough.  They were ugly and they didn’t taste good at all.

I dumped them.  Sad, sad, sad.

And then I made chocolate cupcakes.

After many (no seriously, like MANY times infinity) failed baking attempts, I’ve learned to always have a back up plan.

Chocolate cupcakes with fluffy chocolate buttercream are a pretty good back up plan, don’t you think?


5 responses

  1. I love the cookie dough cupcake idea! That sounds really cool! All your baking adventures always sound deelish. I’m totally wishing I had purchased cookies at the groccery store today!*

  2. I saw an episode of Unique Sweets where they showed a scoop of brownie mix in a muffin tin topped by a ball of chocolate chip cookie dough. Mmmmm…..looked very yum yum.

    • I’ve made cookie dough topped brownies before. The only good part that came from my cupcake fiasco is I still have frozen balls of cookie dough (eggless!) in my freezer that I’ve been continuing to eat. Wait, maybe that’s not a good thing.

      Nah, it’s a good thing!


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