People Intolerant

True story:  once my mom and my aunt were having a conversation where my aunt said she was lactose intolerant, to which my mom replied, “I’m people intolerant.”

She’s a funny one, isn’t she?  Well, all I can say is, like mother, like daughter.  Color me people intolerant, too.

Tonight, I’m feeling particularly people intolerant.  I was fine this morning at the gym.  I was even fine this afternoon when I met my two friends for lunch and we proceeded to chat for two hours.  It’s funny how things can change in a split second.  From happy to cranky in 60 seconds flat.

Do you know what has set me off on this people intolerant rampage this evening?


On most days I adore Facebook.  But some days I want to strangle some of my Facebook friends. I actually saw a piece on the news tonight which said Facebook has been scientifically proven to breed discontent in its users lives.  I assume that’s due to feeling inferior when reading everyone else’s status updates.  It’s common to feel stupid or ugly or like sub par parent when comparing yourselves to your friends who, according to their statuses, lead  incredibly complete, adventurous,  fulfilling, blessed lives.   Their spouses are perfect, their children excel in everything, their houses are gorgeous, they take fabulous vacations and their lives are to be envied.  Here’s a fact about me:  if you end your Facebook or Twitter status with the phrase “so blessed” chances are I’m thinking of a way to climb into the computer and strangle you.

Anyway, it wasn’t a status update from a beautiful friend with perfect children and rich husband that caused my people intolerance tonight.  It was the fact college educated people do not know how to properly use your/you’re.  Seriously.  People, get it together.

I’m not exactly a grammaniac and I’m certainly not bragging, as I’m, quite regrettably, a college drop out, but, despite my lack of a fancy education, I can properly use your and you’re in a sentence.  Likewise, I know the difference between their/there/they’re.

So now, thanks to someone’s grammar mistake, I’m cranky.   And juvenile.  And petty.  And a wretched, unforgiving human being.

Who knew a grammar slip up could incite such emotion in me?

How about you?  Anything bugging you tonight?


8 responses

  1. Nothing is bugging me tonight…I’m just so blessed!

    Ha ha! If it makes you feel any better (if you are the kind of person that enjoys others pain…but I’m okay if you are!), I am at my wits end at work right now because everyone is crazy. I come home every night pissed off about something. I’m generally a pretty positive person, but stupidity and incompetence seriously angers me and there is a general lack of leadership going on at work right now and I am about to lose it.

    Anyway, the sun will come up tomorrow and I am so blessed. 😉

    • Ha ha! You’d think, by the the petty junk I write about so often, that I would enjoy other’s misery, but I don’t. I’m sorry you’re having a tough time at work. Lack of leadership is incredibly frustrating. Craig had plenty to say about that topic when he was home for R&R. I suppose it’s a common theme in the military, which is kind of odd, considering leadership is preached over and over.

      Maybe baking some cookies will ease your stress. 😉

      I’m glad you’re #soblessed. Ha!

      • Glad (I guess) that lack of leadership is in the other services too. It is mind boggling that we are paid to be leaders but there are so many that can’t lead people out of a wet paper bag. Oh well, I guess I’m learning more things I don’t want to do as a leader. I do sometimes wish that list would stop getting longer…

        Maybe I should bake some cookies. I know that my Marines would enjoy that…ha ha!

  2. Your/you’re kills me, but I’d have to say it’s/its is the most frustrating for me. I get that it’s confusing, but come on, people! I don’t know if I need to go easier on my students (if adults can’t do it right, how can I expect my 7th graders to do it?). Perhaps I need to get really hardcore on my kids instead. (“Your generation will conqure your/you’re!”)

    I’m people intolerant, too. Confession: I’m really pissed at someone I work with because she said we should be nice to a coworker who is pregnant. It happened months ago and I’m still mad about it because I want people to be nice to me! I say nothing, I just stew about it. I know, I have issues. Please don’t judge me.*

    • Its/it’s is hard. I have to really stop and think about that one. I’ve also been trying to work on its/it’s with Caroline. She sort of gets it. But there/their/they’re is still a foreign concept to her. We shall overcome.

      I kind of like that you’re people intolerant. I knew you’d understand! And, there will be no judging. Here at the Neurotic Housewife, you’re allowed to stew, act petty and be passive-agressive without judgment. No shame. 🙂

  3. I hear ya.
    I, too, want to rip the face off people who post “blessed” status updates on Facebook! (Of course, I *am* the one who originated the concept of people intolerance and passed the gene onto you.)
    It’s OK to know you’re blessed, but it just looks so show offy when you put it on Facebook. Facebook should be for snark and snark alone. I mean, is nothing sacred anymore?!

  4. Hi Alison,
    You’re correct (:)) I worked at UALR for a couple years. My “boss” had several degrees and he described himself and other Department Heads, Professors and even the Chancellor as “educated idiots”.

    Kathy (Mother-in-law)


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