Reason #264 I Shouldn’t Be A Blogger: My Weekend

When you have a blog, it’s expected that you actually blog.  Otherwise, you’re just wasting space on Al Gore’s amazing internet.  Now, I certainly don’t like to be wasteful, but what are you supposed to do when you don’t have anything to blog about?  I could make stuff up, I suppose, but that’s not very genuine.  I try to be genuine.  I also try to be somewhat entertaining.  But, when you have a life as dull as mine, it’s hard to be entertaining.  I mean, really.  My life puts me to sleep; I can only imagine what it’s doing to you guys.

About an hour ago, as I was making dinner, I got to thinking that I should probably post something, but then I started thinking about the events of the past three days and I got a case of the sads.  Because aside from the baking I’ve done for Craig’s troops, it’s been an awfully pathetic weekend.  And, because I have nothing else to say, I shall now fill you in on the details of the past three days.  Don’t worry, if you are pressed for time, this won’t take long.


I went to the Mt. Vernon Trail for an eight mile run.  I ran.  I also cursed my Garmin GPS watch the whole time because I was convinced it was ‘off.’  As it turns out, it was not off, but I sure was.  Then I got mad because I’ve lost so much speed this winter.

As usual, I stopped my run two miles from my car so I could grab a venti misto from Starbucks to enjoy as I walked back to my car.  Also, as usual, I oogled all the beautiful homes in Old Town Alexandria and vowed to live there when I grow up.

When I arrived back at my car, I drove my sweaty self to the nearby CVS to pick up a movie gift card for a birthday party Caroline was attending that night.

Home. Shower. Lunch.  Then I put on my compression socks and took a nap.  It’s a sad state of affairs (for me personally) when an 8 mile run requires compression socks and a nap.  I may have pouted a little about that.

I cooked some vegetables and bulgar wheat for dinner.

I ate said vegetables and bulgar wheat.  I also probably, maybe, ate half a carton of ice cream, but I do not accurately recall all of the details.

Caroline went to a laser tag birthday party, which I did not have to take her to, nor did I have to pick her up.  That’s what I call winning.

We went to bed.

I got kicked out of my bed by a arm flailing ten year old an found myself in the guest room.



Woke up at the crack of dawn to properly caffeinate myself before Caroline and I went to our first “Croc Trotters” meeting, which is a modified Couch to 5k program to get parents and students ready for our schools yearly 5k run. 7:30 am every Saturday for the next eleven Saturdays.

We ran/walked. We went home.

I baked.

We went to Caroline’s basketball game.  They won.

Caroline went to a sleepover.

I ate leftover vegetables and bulgar wheat.

And the corners from the two pans of brownies I baked for Craig’s troops.  Blergh.

I went to bed at 9, but I couldn’t sleep so I watched reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond on TV Land.

I probably cried in my sleep.


Went to Walmart for a box to put the baked goods in.  Also bought juice boxes for Caroline’s class Valentine’s party on Tuesday.

Picked Caroline up from sleepover.


Dropped Caroline off at indoor soccer practice.

Wrapped baked goods.

Picked Caroline up from indoor soccer practice.



In other news, my mom ate fried butter at the Florida state fair.  I’m equally amused and horrified.  She said eating fried butter was a life changing event and everyone should eat fried butter if presented with the opportunity.  I consider my mom a fair judge of food and character, so I accept her advice; the next time I’m near a fried butter stand, I may actually consider giving it a shot.

I wonder if they provide you with a Lipitor chaser when you purchase an order of fried butter?  They probably should.

Also, happy 12th birthday to our little green Honda Civic.  I used to wax poetically about our trusty green Civic; now I say a prayer every time I get in it, hoping it’ll start and won’t accrue any more $1500 repair bills.

Now, please tell me your weekend was more exciting than mine!


6 responses

  1. After reading about your weekend, my reaction is: Caroline is a busy girl! For reals, she is all over the place!

    My weekend was pretty much on par with yours, minus the kid. I can only handle excitment about once a month. Low key is how I roll.*

    • Yes, she is busy!

      I’m actually okay with not having much of a life because I truly am a homebody. Sometimes I feel sad that I’m dull, but, on the other hand, I COULD do something about it if I truly wanted to. 🙂

  2. Saturday night Charlie and I went out for Valentine’s Day at this really nice restaurant that had live music and it was yummy and relaxed. Sunday we did church and a nap and watched the Grammy’s. We made a shrine to Whitney in our living room (uh, no, we did not.) Today I was up early and back at work!

    • No kidding, I made a shrine to Whitney, too! I made my hair real big and curly and danced around in my living room singing, ‘I wanna dance with somebody.’ Uh, no, I did not. Ha!

      You were smart to do Valentine’s dinner out on Saturday instead of on Feb 14th when all the idiots in the universe try to go out for a special dinner. 🙂

  3. Folded 17 loads of laundry….. And fussed at children every time they ran in and out w/ muddy feet on my floors that can’t stay clean for 24 hours. That’s a quiet weekend because lacrosse starts this week and tennis season has two more months. So we’re looking at two months of conflicting schedules. Oh joy! not to mention the 6 new chicks the kids talked us into that have turned my pool bath into a barn along w/ josh’s earth boxes and tomato planters! Sorry you asked? Keep blogging – even when you have “nothing” to say. I love hearing what’s going on w/ Caroline and Craig and your baking. 🙂


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