Yeah, I’ve nothing to say.

Zzzzzzzzz.  That’s my life.

Friday long run.  Saturday basketball.  Sunday birthday party and  soccer.  No baking.  Nothing Interesting.  Zzzzzzz.

I did take Caroline to the movies yesterday.  First we went to Panera for lunch, because it’s right by the movie theater.  Caroline was desperate to try soup in a bread bowl and because I’m not one to turn down the idea of consuming excessive amounts of bread, I obliged her carb-centric desires.  As it turns out, she loves Panera’s chicken noodle soup, but she isn’t too fond of soggy bread.  I suggested that next time she order a bowl of soup and get bread on the side.  Caroline concurred.  You live and learn, right?

After our soup/carb feast, we watched Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.  This type of movie isn’t typically my thang, however, Caroline REALLY wanted to see it and despite my deepest protestation, part of parenting includes such things as sacrificing one hour and 38 minutes of your day so your precious spawn can watch an action-adventure kid movie.  Besides, Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson starred in the movie and, let’s face it, he’s quite charming.   😉


Aaaaaannnnddd….that’s it.

I’m beginning to realize what a useless human being I’ve become.  On most days Caroline will ask what I did while she was at school and on most days I answer the same way:  gym-grocery store/errands-home-laundry.  On Wednesday nights she goes to basketball practice with her friends and because I don’t drive a minivan, I’m out of the carpool detail, because my car cannot safely hold all of the girls in the carpool group.  Am I smart, or what?  So anyway, because I’m off the hook for basketball practice, I stay home and let my friends chauffeur my child around.  And every Wednesday night when Caroline comes home at 8:30, she asks what I did while she was gone.  And every Wednesday night I answer the same way, “I watched the news, unloaded the dishwasher and packed your lunch.”



I should get a job.  But, then I couldn’t be useless anymore.  Because as much as I complain about being useless and as much as I beat myself up for being useless, the fact is, being useless is quite easy.

Let’s face it, easy is easy good.

Man, I’d make a really terrible motivational speaker.  😉


4 responses

  1. Bread bowls are one of those things that look so good in pictures but don’t really taste that good.

    Don’t get a job! Unless you want to take mine of my hands and let me continue to collect my paycheck. Work is overrated. I’m already counting down the days until summer vacay when I, too, can be useless.*

    • Hooray for being useless! Don’t worry, I won’t get a job, for that would require I give up my lady of leisure status. I like being a lady of leisure, except for when I have to explain what I’ve done all day and I can’t come up with a single important thing.

      I know teachers love the summer, but as a parent, I dread summer vacation. I guess the parents shall suffer through the long summer in order to give thanks for all the time and effort teachers dedicate to our kids.

  2. When I think of all those things we learned in high school and how our teachers stressed their importance….you aren’t using any of that learnin’! LOL. All that higher level math and science gone to waste. Mr. Eastman would be wondering if you were wearing sublock!

    If I could be a stay at home mom, I would. But I could not take my husband being away for months at a time, so there’s that trade off.

    • I do wear sunblock; Mr. Eastman would be proud. 🙂 Of course, I only wear it for vanity reasons. Ha! I look back at high school and think how dumb I really was. We know so much more now, thanks to life experience, than we ever knew in high school. I mean, memorizing a teacher’s notes for a test seemed so important back then, but do we really remember any of it?

      I’m happy to do the stay at home mom thing, but I feel incredibly guilty because I only have one kid and she’s at school all day.

      But, on the other hand, Craig’s job stresses me out so much that I feel like I work a full time job just worrying about him. It’s kind of tiring.


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