Duct Tape

Hey, remember the time I spent $22 on duct tape?

You don’t remember?

Well, I do.  It happened yesterday.

$22 in colorful duct tape.    Twenty Two US dollars.

I’m either mother of the year or  doormat of the year.  I’ll let you decide.

Evidently, duct tape art is all the rage these days.  Caroline’s friends each possess their own collection of brightly colored duct tape and because when you’re ten, keeping up with the Joneses (or in this case the Miskens and the Wades) is of utmost importance.  Obviously, she wanted in on the duct tape scene.  And also because I’m a total wishy-washy doormat who wants her only child to be happy and properly accessorized with duct tape bracelets, I took Caroline to Michael’s and bought her $22 worth of colorful duct tape.

Actually, I spent $18 at Michael’s and then bought her another roll (blue and white polka dots!) at Target today.  Because, why not?

Duct tape.

Have you ever heard anything more silly in your life?

But, on the other hand, it helps the girls with their artistic pursuits and I certainly do not want to squash their creativity.

Besides, who wouldn’t want a duct tape rose affixed atop their pencil?

Or a wrist accessorized with a colorful bracelet or two?


Besides, this duct tape stuff is fun and I want Caroline to have fun.

Kind of like the times we bought yarn for crocheting and string for friendship bracelets.  And foam stickers.  And beads.  And Orbeez.  And Bendaroos.  And Pixos. And those beads you’re supposed to iron to melt the plastic into certain shapes but I can’t do it right and always end up melting and bending the thing you attach the beads to.  Thanks to Google, I now know they’re called perler beads.

Can you say sucker?  Yep, that’s me.

I have a feeling we’ll be doing a lot of decluttering in the arts and crafts closet before me move.  I’ve already declared that Orbeez will not be going to Hawaii with us; I’m not sure about the duct tape, though.  And who knows what other crafty fad we’ll buy into before it’s time to pack up our belongings.

Now, who wants a duct tape bracelet?  I happen to know a very eager bracelet maker.


9 responses

  1. Perler beads! I used to love those things! I don’t think I’d ever use them now; the iron scares me.

    Working in a middle school, I am up on duct tape trends. Two years ago, I had tons of students who made duct tape wallets. (What do middle schoolers even need a wallet for?) There was one particular duct tape-loving kid who put duct tape all over his shoes. I hope that Caroline gets much joy out of her duct tape!*

    • I’ve seen the wallets! And evidently, you can make clothes out of duct tape. Crazy.
      The good thing about teaching middle schoolers is that you’re always in on the fads.

      I always mess up the perler beads. I’m okay with an iron when it comes to ironing clothes, but ironing plastic beads is a whole different issue.


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