Two Wild and Crazy Girls

I took Caroline bowling yesterday.  Because we’re two wild and crazy girls.

After a 9 am basketball game, our day was wide open, but unfortunately most of Caroline’s friends had other plans and family obligations, so we were feeling a bit bored.  After a quick stop to Walmart to return a pillow I bought a couple of weeks ago but instantly regretted, followed by a trip to Dunkin Donuts for coffee (me) and hash browns and two powdered munchkins (Caroline…blergh), we were left with nothing to do.  Oh.The.Horror.

As we sipped and ate our Dunkin Donut delights, we started to brainstorm ideas on how to spend our Saturday afternoon.  Miniature golf was out because it was cold and WINDY and I kind of don’t really like miniature golf all that much and I certainly don’t like standing in the wind, having my hair fly about.  The movies were out because we went on Monday and there wasn’t anything else playing that tickled our fancy.

“How about bowling?” Caroline suggested.

I thought for two seconds and said, ‘sure.’  Because I’m always agreeable.  Ha!

So, we went bowling.  And we had a really good time.

The Fort Belvoir bowling alley does cosmic bowling, or as Caroline says, cosmetic bowling, on Saturday afternoons.  The music was great, the lights were flashing, the bowling was fun, our footwear was fashionable  and we feasted on the bowling snack of champions: french fries and soda.  Eeep, I just admitted that in one day Caroline ate hash browns, munchkin donuts, french fries and soda; go ahead and declare me mom of the year.    In fact, we were having so much fun at the bowling alley that we ended up bowling six games.

And then I paid the bill.


Fifty one American dollars.  Two people. Two hours of bowling.

Oh well, at least we had fun.  We are, after all, two wild and crazy girls.

Basketball at 12 and soccer at 2:30 are our activities on tap for today.  No birthday parties, though, thank goodness.   Caroline attended four birthday parties this month; two of them were on Friday night.  On second thought, perhaps Caroline is the wild and crazy girl and I am simply her loyal chauffeur. Yep, that sounds about right, as I’ve never in my entire life been known as a wild and crazy girl.  Boring, inhibited and neurotic?  Yes, yes, YES.   But wild and crazy?  Nah.

Happy Sunday!


6 responses

  1. Bowling is so much fun…I like going to Bolling just so I can say I went bowling at Bolling…ha ha! I’m impressed by your 6 games though…I’m usually sore after two!

    • My fingers and elbow were feeling it after the first few games. The games go by really fast when it’s just the two of us; if there had been a larger group, I don’t think we would have played so many games.

  2. I just watched an episode of Unique Sweets and they featured a place in Alexandria and I can’t remember the name, but you must go there. It’s a one-word name. Buzz maybe?


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