Sup, everyone?

Anything new going on in your neck of the woods?  As you might surmise from my previous ramblings regarding my life’s lack of excitement, there isn’t much going on right now.  I hadn’t heard from Craig for a few days because he’s busy actually working or something, so I wrote him an email and asked him what was up?  And then he proceeded to tell me all that is up in his life which made my eyes pop out of my head because homeboy is busy.  And because I’m the world’s most supportive spouse, I replied to him, ‘well, at least you’re not bored.’  And again, because I’m super supportive and not the least bit self centered, I directed the conversation back to myself and proceeded to tell him how Caroline and I went ice skating with some friends on Monday and our major accomplishment was not falling down.  I’m sure he rolled his eyes.  If I was as busy as Craig is, doing his job and putting out fires his troops start and on top of that, training for a marathon, and someone told me their daily highlight was going ice skating and not falling down, I’d probably roll my eyes, too.

Craig and I generally exchange at least one email a day, usually more, but we’re sort of bad about keeping each other informed on all the details.  Mostly because I have no details other than whatever activity I’ve shuffled Caroline to and from and Craig can’t say much because his life is like that groundhog day movie where everyday is basically the same and also, he can’t divulge the details of his job.  So mostly our correspondence goes as follows:

Me: took Caroline to _____________ then we went to Dunkin Donuts for coffee.  She played with _____________ and I hid upstairs playing Fruit Ninja on my Kindle Fire.

Craig:  Great.  Have a nice day.

Me:  took Caroline to ___________ and then she conned me into buying her lunch at Panera.  She played at ______________ house and I sat at the computer reading snarky television recaps.  PS–can you send me the password for _______ bank account?  I lost it again.

Craig:    XXXXXXXXXXX  (account number)  Have a great day!  

Me:  Thanks for the number.  I promise I won’t forget and/or misplace it again.  No really, I promise this time.  Took Caroline to ___________________ and then we stopped at Target for a few things.  She played with ________ and ______ and they made a huge tent in the living room.  I hid upstairs and watched the Food Network trying not to be bothered by the mess in the living room.   PS–are you eating vegetables?

Craig:  Work is crazy.  Good times.

As you can see from these conversations, I live simply by the whims of my ten year old and possess an inclination to hide when kids come over; Craig gives pithy replies.  Hey, it works.  It may not be blubbering, heartfelt and mushy but as long as I know Craig is alive when I wake up each morning, it’s all good.

In other news, Happy Leap Day.  Or, whatever.

When did Leap Day become a thing?  I know we have an extra day in February once every four years, but has it always been called Leap Day?  I have a feeling there will be greeting cards for this occasion in 2016.  I mean, really?  It’s an extra day.  Does it need a title and actual recognition?  And its own hashtag on Twitter?

Are there any Leap Day White Sales going on at Macy’s today?  How about at the local mattress store?  They always have sales on the big holidays.

How about you?  Do you have any big Leap Day plans?  A special dinner?  Gather around the piano and sing Leap Day songs?  A rousing game of leap frog?



6 responses

  1. Ha ha ha!!
    30 Rock (I’ve only seen one episode) just had a Leap Day episode–everyone wears blue and yellow and there’s a Leap Day William (with his own mythology) and I think he grants wishes or brings gifts. And anything you do on Leap Day doesn’t count.
    Or something like that.
    I’m celebrating by eating wild cod and steamed veggies. Maybe get crazy and sprinkle on some cheese.
    Woot woot!

  2. Man, I shoulda worn blue and yellow today. Bummer.
    If anything you do doesn’t count on Leap Day, that’s awesome because I just ate an ungodly amount of Nutella.

    Nutella > wild cod.

    Go crazy with that cheese, you wild thang!

  3. I did not really do anything to acknowledge Leap Day, but I do think it is an interesting concept that we have an extra day every four years. Who figured that out? I mean, come on! That’s some serious math, there. Above my head.

    • I know. Thank goodness there are people smarter than me out there to figure these things out. Last night I heard on the news that Julius Ceasar had something to do with it. The calendar and seasons started to get all messed up, so he added an extra day every four years to compensate. And then he named July after himself.

  4. Leap Day is so a thing this year. I was trying to remember what I did on the last Leap Day, and for the life of me, I have no clue. I don’t even remember it coming up in conversation. But this year, it’s all the rage.*

    • I know! Four years ago, it was an extra day. This year it’s a big deal. Kind of makes me feel like I’m out of the ‘things cool people celebrate’ loop. Now that I now better, I’ll be ready for 2016. 😉


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